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I Chose To Bid Farewell
I Chose To Bid Farewell

© Swati Tyagi

Drama Tragedy

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My friends and relatives have gathered to say their last goodbyes today. Everyone is mourning about the sad ending. Some are crying, some are quiet, some are narrating the story of my life, some are more interested in snacks but amidst of all these emotions one thing is common. Everyone is shocked by my sudden death. Humans are strange; they are shocked when they should actually be jealous.

I look around; everyone is staring at me with a worried look. I hear some voices.

“Are you okay?”

“Say something.”

“Call an ambulance”

I blame vodka for I didn’t realise I was lying on my back instead of standing on my feet, when I climbed down the stairs.

“No.. no ambulance. I am good.” I reply, because I really am good. Trying to get up, my eyes get stuck at the wall clock. It’s five minutes to 12:00 on new year's eve. I am hosting the party and the reason is obvious. 2017 had been great and I thought I owe a big farewell to it. I got promoted twice in office and got a salary hike of 62%. After several failed relationships and one divorce, finally I am marrying the man of my dreams. My family and relatives, who considered me to be a bad influence on their kids, started inviting me to their houses again. With such a promising year ahead, I am the most eager person to welcome 2018.

I am at the peak in my life and I got everything I ever dreamt of. I have never felt so content and satisfied. I turn my head to the other side and close my eyes. I smile. I am done with life, so I decide to die.

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