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The Moment
The Moment

© Palak Bisht

Fantasy Inspirational Romance

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It was a dark room and I was in practice to it though I never liked it. One odd day I heard someone coming in. The voice of footsteps were clear like as stars are in dark night. They were coming near. My heart sensed that the man is coming to me. Somehow I managed to gather my courage and I looked at him. His smile was radiant so was his eyes. Soon he became my friend. I started sharing things to him. He made me feel comfortable. He made his space in my zone so effortlessly, I cannot describe. I started from the colors of my past. I used to tell him something new everyday from my ex-life. He was a keen listener, full of patience. The time was creeping. I really never noticed when I exactly fell in love. My all colors of past were faded. I forgot everything. He was bringing a new life into me. All I wanted to know now was about him. Awaiting him to speak I looked at him many times and he seemed to be in trouble... One day he said he will do anything to take me far from this cold dark place, he said he want to see me in peace. I looked in his eyes and I asked-'really'. He said- 'yes'. My mind was not believing him but my heart was surrendered to him. We didn't had much to talk about so I started filling the blank atmosphere by expressing my love. Gradually I became passionate of loving him. I gave him all of me I could. Apparently I bored him. My happiness intervened so does his love. I loved him with my letters, words and sentences. And he left me like a book on shelf. He was need to my soul and to him I was a wish that was never made. His steps towards the door gestured me, he will never intend to read me again. I cannot show you his fingerprints that are impressed on me. But surely, you can visualise through me what his touch was like; that made me obsessed and left me torn and frayed. The day before he left when he was leaving to sleep, I asked him- 'you are not leaving me right' and he looked right there in my eyes and he said-'never'.

2 months later, 'happily in love' he wrote on his instagram bio. I don't know when he became mingle from single or actually I knew this from the very first when day he started losing interest in me. I was doing things I should not do. I was still craving for him. It would have been my fault if craving was done intentionally. We can never know if the person we trust is lying but deep in heart we can sense it. I was not angry because he left me. Every chapter that is begun is supposed to end. His actions gestured everything, the future, the present, but his lips denied. Did I love a guy with no guts? A person is supposed to accept what he is doing. I kept on asking and he kept on denying his betrayel. I was once on his mind, though it was for a moment... gives me sigh of relief.

Finally I am in sorrow. And he - 'happy'. Nothing lasts forever. Neither will my 'loneliness' nor will his 'happiness', my dawn is waiting for me to take step ahead. My morning is near so might be his night.

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