Dreams To Die For

Dreams To Die For

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Ticking clock stopped at that moment. Popping gunshots dissolved in conscience's silence, screams mere murmurs . Blazing five nines covered like a curtain, hot and hellish.

"Colonel Butterfingers, that's our last chance for a hit otherwise we'll lose the match." pleaded one of our younger colonels. I am good with guns but ball is never in my court. Of course nobody is excellent in everything and it's just a cricket match. My wife and daughters usually giggle at my clumsiness and I tell them it's just my style. Lily and Sally want to be pilots when they grow up and my lady wants a Louis Vuitton baguette when I return from the war.

Things were a little rough this time. War was against the Syrians and potential danger was ten fold. They'd destroy the whole country if they win.

Ammunition was plenty and our soldiers daring, we've already sweeped out the half of them until we found a rebel who killed our two commander in chiefs.

Somebody amongst the high officials had to carry further the enterprise cause just the main activist remains on the other side and all our men were injured.

Both of my girls have great dreams , they'll grow up to be great pilots. Lady shall get all those trendy Louis bags.

Thinking of them , I'm heading towards the enemy post but before that I'd buckle up timed-bomb to blow them altogether.

There's not just my family or theirs it's everyone that lives here. Daughters, sons, men and their wives that have dreams. Big dreams , small dreams, aspirations and all but certainly there is a dream they have akin, to live their lives good. And they are dreams to die for.

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