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Every human being experiences some experiences, either sweet or bitter. Some of them always remain in your heart and keep clicking your soul. It reminds me of the days when I was just a year old and even unable to understand any thing. But I heard all this from my mother’s and aunt’s mouth. Even my grandmother in Kashmir had confirmed the same to me. I was born in the month of April at my Nani’s place in New Delhi. I was the center of attraction not because I was beautiful but because I was born after the gap of 18 years in the family. My aunt and Nani (grandmother) looked after me so well that I got attached to them. I recognized them more than my own mother. But when I grew up I was shocked to hear that my maternal grandmother used to get visions even before my birth that she was travelling to Kashmir, my home town with me. And after 4 years it came true as I was born and she took me to my hometown in Kashmir. After her departure all members of my family kept on saying that I would forget her but it didn’t happen. There was such a strong telepathy between us that before her phone call I used to shout that Nani is going to call and after few seconds her call used to come. She taught me well and used to tell me moral stories. I was a fast learner. As I grew older, I started understanding her mind and found that she is always smiling but at some corner of her heart, she was alone, full of grief. I saw she was confiding all her sadness to herself and never let anyone know. One day my aunt told me the whole story of her grief and struggle and hard times she had witnessed. It is like this………



After the death of her husband she had to face a lot of problems not only financial but many more. As she had already mentioned to her friends that she was living at a rented place, She had to think about rent, school fees, food, transport expenses etc. Above it her landlady had filed a court case for her premises to be vacated. She had to pay the lawyer’s fees, which made her depressed many a times. She had no support either from her in laws or from her mother’s side. Her mother used to live with her after her father’s demise.


She had no option so she joined a courier company as a Customer Care Executive. After coming from the office she used to give home tuitions till 10 pm in the light of oil lantern, as there was no electricity then. She helped students in doing their holiday homework projects by charging fees. She worked hard in her office and got promotions twice. She joined two companies after that before joining as Manager Customer Service. During this financial crisis her daughters played a major role by sacrificing their own comforts. They were totally different from the girls of their age at that time in all aspects. For seven years they could not see Television because of electricity. After completing 12th class her elder daughter started working in the exhibitions and started giving her financial support. She left her job and started working for her out-stationed friend’s courier business at Delhi. Even her younger daughter also worked in the exhibitions during her holidays when she was appearing for her 10th class Board Examinations. With their support she could not remember how 10 yrs of pain and agony had passed when her elder daughter joined BPO as customer care officer. Only after her joining she was a bit relaxed. She saw her reflection in her elder daughter. She had started getting gains from the investment she had made in the form of their education. Today both of them are standing by her side to let her head rest on their shoulder when she get tired. This makes her inspired to move further in her life. Now she is working as a teacher in a school and also carrying on with her Home Tuition.



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