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The Magical Game
The Magical Game

© Rashi Pampattiwar


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The Magical Game

This story took place long time ago in London. There was a new game released in the morning. There was a big line to buy that game. Most of the people got that game. The game’s name was ‘My adventure’.

Everyone was interested to play that game but one boy named Rohan was far too interested in that game. The story is about him only.  As he went home he started to do his homework and in evening he went to play out with his friends. When he returned back he finishes with his dinner and then around at 11.00 pm, he saw his game on table  and soon started playing it almost for an hour, then he went to sleep. The next five days his routine was same and he crossed only 5 levels in five days.

The sixth day was Saturday and like all other days he played that game again and went to sleep. The next morning when he woke up he was in a small den with a stone bed and few dresses made by leaves. Besides there were many trees which are fully loaded with fruits. Suddenly he saw a herd of elephants coming towards him, he threw stones which he saw and ran away and the elephants vanished from there. Then he saw a flying sea horse and he followed it. While following that sea horse he came to a big castle and went inside. A beautiful girl came there and said ,”please save my baby sister”. He decided to help that girl and started his way towards adventure. When he was on his way to search that baby he saw a dragon there and suddenly sword and shield came from sky to save that brave boy.

He showed all his bravery and saved the princess. Like this two morning adventures happened in a dense forest. After completing the adventure he was out of the game and was 23 years old. This happened because of the magical game.

Magical game adventure sword dragon

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