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Lights, Camera, Love!!
Lights, Camera, Love!!

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The dry autumn leaves rustled under my foot as I crushed them. My friends and I had planned a trip to this forest, but instead of working like clockwork, we decided to explore off on our own and as a result here I was, wandering alone. I wasn't afraid yet, but I was slowly dreading nightfall. I was no ordinary girl. Years of working as a receptionist during the day and managing our shop at night after my father's death had at least taught me to be tough.

Just as I was lost in my own thoughts, a black limousine screeched to a halt beside me. For someone who used only public transport to travel, I felt like pinching myself. I could see my slim battered figure, porcelain skin and red curls taking shape in the window glass.

Deep ocean blue eyes, chocolate brown hair chiseled cheekbones and a breathtaking smile could only be the correct explanation of the face of superstar Adam Coelle. I turned red, the colour rapidly rising to my cheeks. Partly because he was handsome to another dimension and partly because he had just asked me to climb in. Inside a limo.


I was not very keen on the ride with Adam, wholly because I was so frustrated by the idea that he just had to look good and pose to earn millions while I had to bend over backwards to earn whatever little I could.

But something about those warm smiles and messy hair told me that he was a good person when off-screen too. "You have it all so easy," I said to him, and immediately bit my tongue. His body changed suddenly, edging away from me and straightening into a more formal posture. "What looks easy on screen is in stark contrast to what happens in reality," he answered, forcing a sad smile to hide that faraway look in his eyes.

I leaned towards him and said, "I am so sorry, Adam. I'm just an idiot." The knot in my stomach loosened as he flashed me a wide grin, his posture folding back into its carefree casual manner.

What about this boy was so irresistible? Everything.

"I'm not so comfortable speaking to people in general, but there's something about you that makes it..." Adam started.

"Intimidating?" I cut in with a smile,

"Easy," he ended correctly, laughing hard and sending those impromptu butterflies soaring in my stomach. I smiled coyly and he beamed at me. I wondered why I was so happy just sitting in silence with him.

"We could take the right turn at the diversion to my place, or the left to yours. Which one would you suggest?" Adam's voice was quiet, almost fearful.

In his fear I could sense that this was not just the direction of our journey, but the question of my life.

"Take the right," I said without hesitation. He took my hand, and his relieved grin sent me to cloud nine.

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