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Prodigies Of Our Surroundings
Prodigies Of Our Surroundings

© Sanaya Ross


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Listen closely,

Bend my neck, to weave this play, as you lye in your slumber, my mind is at bay…

Listen closely...

Words transcend and transpose, transform and alarm, grasp one maybe two…

Listen closely.

To the human psyche, the inner workings of an unleashed mind, the untrained eye, the untamed heart.

I will always be the girl he left behind on that warm summer day, who knew he was leaving long before he would say.

I will always be the almost mother to be, that never was

The almost wife to a man, before we fell out of love

The needful child, the mother never extends her arms to hold

The youngest daughter, the long lost father never saw grow old

The sister, of two and two again and the third to some and the fifth to all of them.

The woman, who once loved a man that could not love her same

The heart break for another man who is still in love with her today

The naive one, quick tongued to jump the gun and give all my feelings away

The one who knows she is silently judged, but does not judge you back

The girl who fell in love with the way he played that guitar so many years ago and let the music linger on long after it had gone, afraid to let it go..

A drifter, a dreamer, a fighter, a lover, a lunatic at best, but what is best left unsaid, of all...I choose none to regret

Listen, Listen, and Listen closely…

We become prodigies of our surrounding, developing into victims of circumstance, these things are certain and are now permanent wounds deeply inflicted,  healing as ugly scars…  a badging with which we are unwillingly marked, they become part of who you are entirely and there is no covering up, for once your heart is open, your mind is stripped of its metals and bindings, shields and chivalry, weapons and armors of all shapes and forms...

And so halts your mind as it stands nakedly amongst speculating crowds for all to see, the markings this long journey has bestowed upon you…….. Are now who you are.  

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