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I opened the door and quietly sneaked in, this place seemed familiar.

“It was a dark hallway I was passing through, deep like a Pacific, never ending hallway it is. Carrying infinite within infinite is what this hallway is all about, it gathers up your celestial masses.

Broken. Unbroken. Bruised. Ruined.

Finally Collect them all to form a kaleidoscopic pattern out of it, because beauty is all about forming art out of nothingness. This hallway lies within our self, deep down. There is only an entry to it, no escape. No exit! The transformation of celestial mass from reality to virtuality or vice verse is the only medium to travel through it”.

“But would you really like to escape?

Because this hallway itself is an escape from the reality, a celestial escape from your celestial mass. Masses that crave to lie between horizons, but for the places that only exist in your parallel universe, this hallway is a bridge to it. A bridge which is to be traveled only once.

You can see your body lying flat and filled with nothingness all around, nothingness is what holds the most…it holds your mass, celestial mass for your celestial escape. There are lives of not seen, crumbling your shell…trying to break your cocoon. Dark and perforated hallways adorned with your dark intelligence. There is a Tyndall light at one of its curve where you get exposed to the harsh reality of life.

The gate is about to open, it will open when it is supposed to…exactly when timed”. The door opened and I was back with a shock with a slight pain in my chest and heaviness in my head.


“Lucid dreaming sucks!!”

lucid dreams celestial mass energy

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