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Women, The Mystery Continues

Women, The Mystery Continues

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I feel that adaptation is the most important and inherent property and it is applicable to humans as well—not only physically, but believe that we are adapted to our feelings, our emotions—in short mental adaptation. For an example, when we were kids we cannot stay in any other damn place on this earth other than our sweet home, even though the other place might be so luxurious.

Life goes on—life of humans is just like a LINKED LIST—where the head pointer points to the very first node of human life—BIRTH. And then we have to traverse the whole list by passing the nodes of childhood, teenage, adults, old aged and as the next pointer to the last node of the linked list ends with NULL—so as ours—DEATH.

During this period, we undergo many adaptations. I have also encountered some of the adaptations.

I realised that I am no longer the host but eventually became the GUEST of my own house. By that what I mean to say is that students who are away from their home become guests the very moment they leave their home; the one who would grace their family's moments by their presence on occasions, holidays just like the guests do—but that’s what life is all about—it is applicable for all.

Nevertheless, being outside from my home brought me many experiences since last 3 years, which would be helpful further in my life. We were exposed to the real world outside our homes rather than home. This teaches you a lot, which makes you INDEPENDENT—which gives you the strength to stand on your own feet—which also gives you the temperament and the stability to make decisions—sometimes the easy ones and many times the toughest of all—so life goes on—and so do we…

I had my vacations and I am almost done with it. Now I am heading towards the reality. I am on my way to college, which is my reality. Furthermore, I love to observe nature while traveling; it reminds me of my previous experiences, my memories…

When I saw some group of women working in the field—one of my touching memories struck my mind, just like that, and the result you are reading this now…

I think I made you people bit emotional, not emotional precisely but—what to say—just taking about life and other stuff—so let’s get out of this mode, drink some thumps up and do some tufaani wala kaam

Food—we never realized its importance unless we starved for it—it is true. Today I was literally dying for the lunch, then I checked my watch—2:00pm— and I checked it again—it was still 2:00 pm—yes, it was 2pm: the closing time of our MEGAMESS.

I was out of campus, so it was almost impossible to reach mess. I had just given up—you quit! You quit! My stomach suddenly started conversing with my mind—I am dying for it and you quit without even giving a damn single try—come on! Be the rarest of tigers who grab their prey no matter what. We do not have to do that diffucult stuff like a tiger does—we only have to reach the mess as soon as possible…

Suddenly, some sort of electric waves shook my body with the ultimate hunger, the one that would be satisfied only when I would reach the mess. And then all the winning stories to that of a spider trying to climb; and that of the tortoise and hare—that we studied in our Ukg, Lkg or I don’t know may be nursery—struck my mind and I rushed like anything. With my sheer determination and belief in myself—yes today, it would be total justice if I used such "bhari" and very hi-fi motivational words—the ones used mostly for heroic personalities. And yup, I too would made a herioc entry in our MEGAMESS at 2:30pm with my shirt fully dipped in sweat.

But it just took a couple of seconds to convert my herioc face to a losers one—yes you are thinking right—I just turned back and got myself in a position to leave.

Suddenly one voice drew my attention—it said "beta khana khaooge"; obviously itni magadmari kii kis liye. I just turned back to see that daanvir karna right over there.
I saw a lady that was fat unlike me, wearing a green blouse and orange colour Luganda—Yaa that’s what it is called in Marathi. I approached her and found that she was a kaamwali bai working in our mess—after all, students had their lunch and it was time for the workers to eat. So she brought me up a plate of rice, sabji, daal; actually she brought a part from her share, and sat just next to my seat and kept on asking about my parents, my place and so on until I was done with my lunch. When I finished my lunch, I thanked her from the bottom of my heart—then I smiled and left…

Really, it was true what we had learnt in our school days that GOD had not enough time to reach and sort out our problems after all. That is why he created MOMS. This woman was a live example that mothers not only care about their own children, but also feel the same when it comes to helping and caring about other children just as theirs.

One can learn the true spirit of humanity from women. That day—that woman was no less than my mother was, I thought while leaving—really—WOMEN—Hats off.




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