The Field Trip

The Field Trip

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Sashi knocked and entered into a clean and tidy room - the crisp white linen spread evenly on the bed, the books arranged invitingly on the wall unit, the neatly folded clean laundry in the cupboard, the impeccably arranged stationery on the study table.

Avinash turned and chirped cheerfully “Good Morning Mom! Aah! The aroma of your freshly brewed coffee and your bright smile - a lovely start for a beautiful day!

Sashi planted a kiss on her son's forehead, hands him his favourite Superman embossed cup filled with coffee and sits on the chair beside him with her cup – their sacred morning ritual.

Avi meticulously places a book mark on the page that he was concentrating on, closes it, and savours the coffee with some homemade nutritious granola.

Memories flash in Sashi's mind quickly. (Back ground music and concentric circles

taking you back in time)

“Avi, AVINASH! ! It is 7.45 and the school bus will be here in 10 minutes! WAKE UP!!”

“NO Mom, I don’t want to go today. They are taking us to a village as part of our geography class. I hate geography.. It is SO boring! I might as well sleep at home. Sashi drags him by the ear gently ( of course Sashi will never hurt her darling son, not intentionally, at least) and shuts him in the bathroom.

She opens the cupboard and mutters at the crumpled clothes that tumble down. She manages successfully to dig out his uniform.

She quickly arranges the papers strewn all over the table, puts the books back neatly on the rack and throws the half-eaten oxidized apple into the dustbin, and grudgingly clears the biscuit crumbs scattered on the bedside that the ants are happily feasting on.

"Mama, what are you thinking about?" Sashi smiles. “ I was thinking about the day of your village visit two months ago!”

“Oh THAT Day!" beams Avinash, "Remember how I shut myself in my room for a week after that and refused to speak with anyone? You were so worried! Sorry Ma”.

“Yes Ma, it did make me change the way I look and feel about things!. The kids there were so happy and eager to learn from their second hand ( or maybe even fourth hand) tattered books. They seemed unbothered about the patchwork on their speckles uniforms that were 3 sizes too big”

“I realized that the farmers went to work every single day in the fields, rain or shine!. Imagine if they refused to get up from their beds. I am sure they too find it boring and many a times feel like not showing up, like our monsoons!. Ya, sorry that was a bad joke We would all die of hunger! And the uncertainties involved - monsoon failure or the floods. That never seemed to stop them and they went back every season to sowing seeds of hopes for a greener future “.

“I am happy that you woke me up that day on time Mom!”

Ashiwn clears the cups and the trays. “I shall get ready and come for breakfast mom”.

“Avi!, today is Sunday.. there is no school!”

“Oh mama, yes I know. forgot to mention. I am going out with a group of friends to help those little kids in the village to complete their homework. Don’t look at me like that!. I shall be safe. Sandeep's dad will be picking and dropping us in his car!"

Shashi hums a happy tune and goes to the kitchen to make breakfast for her busy and transformed son.

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