Love At First Sight......

Love At First Sight......

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"Mom, I am going Saksham would be waiting for me, the movie time is 8:30 to 11:00, I will dine out today. Bye mom ."

said Sahil, a 18 years old boy,

Then Sahil started his bike and rushed to Saksham's place .

Sahil and Saksham are college going boys and are fully enjoying their college days.

Today they are goingto watch the latest released movie .

Sahil after watching the movie, "Paisa Wasool ( money worth ) movie thi , I can watch it again ."

Saksham," You can watch any movie , but yes this was a nice movie ." after a pause Saksham said " We are getting late we must directly go to our place and have our dinner there only .

"But we have decided to dine out ." cried Sahil

"Next time ." declared Saksham

" You always do this I will not drive now, you will have to drive." Sahil said angrily .

Saksham smiled and went to parking lot with keys.

On their way back home both were sitting quietly , suddenly they saw a lonely girl standing on side of the road as if she was waiting for someone, she had a special kind of attraction in her face that Sahil couldn't stop watching her till he could.

Next day as soon as Sahil reached his college he saw the girl of last night sitting in a classroom, now she was looking more beautiful than last night.

Sahil couldn't move from there, he just wanted to know about her .

As soon as she came out of her class he followed her and soon approached her .

She was very friendly with him and asked him for a coffee after college .

When the college got over both of them left the college together, in the middle of the way she told him that she saw him last night on the road and got attracted to him, on listening this Sahil felt as if he is on the seventh sky,

Suddenly she asked Sahil to take her to her place, where she was standing last night ,hearing this Sahil became sad ,on this she said that he may have coffee at her place.'

At the same time Saksham called him ,' Where are you? I am looking for you in the college ."

Sahil informed him," I am with the girl whom we saw last night on the road ."

Saksham" Which girl are you talking about "

Sahil "who was standing on road, ok I will talk to you later on. bye ."

Since then no one has seen Sahil, no one knows where has he gone ? Police tried hard but didn't find any clue and closed the file.

Saksham still wonders which girl Sahil was talking last night, he didn't see any girl because there was no on the road but a GRAVEYARD.

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