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Only Hope!
Only Hope!

© Bala Krishna


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She wrote them down. All her troubles, grief, sufferings, and fears. She wrote them down in her ancient-looking dairy. She wanted to flush them all, one day to her ‘Only Hope’. At the very thought of her ‘Only Hope’, she felt relieved. She knew it, She knew it for sure – Heavens aren’t far away. They are merely six months away, her heart reassured.

She faced them every day, she wrote them all every day. At times, the pages fell short. She wrote them all. She wiped the tears from her cheek, which had already turned red due to her constant sobbing. she fell asleep. Slowly her hand dripped down onto her belly, where she was carrying her ‘Only Hope’. The days ran slower than they usually do!!

Finally, He is out!

The day has come. It is the day, she will be freed of all her struggles! She looked at him. He is tiny, very tiny. Can he do, what she is wishing for?

She touched his cheeks. She touched his hand. He held back her finger, firmly. She is lost – lost in his smile, beauty, innocence. She is lost!! Now, it turns out days seemed to run quicker than the time itself.

Twenty years passed away!

Her tiny hope was now no more tiny! He comes, her son, all grown up now and asks her the forgotten question, “Tell me what is that troubling you? I’m here for you.” His voice echos in confidence, resonating in confidence. She is clueless. “Troubling me?! WHAAT?”, she wondered.

He is holding her dairy – her ancient looking dairy, that she stopped writing twenty years back when he was born. She looked at him startled. She forgot about it, that very day and never thought about it or its contents from that very day.

Her thoughts flooded her mind. Her sufferings, pains, fears – what happened to them?! Did they vanish the day her son was born?

No, she realized, they didn’t just fly out of her life! They were still there, the sufferings still tried to buck her down, but she hadn’t noticed any of them coming or going! The ease with which she faced all her trauma never made her weak!

That day, something magical happened. From that day, She was no more a girl or  woman. She was no more living for herself. She became a “Mother”.

If she hadn’t been a mother, couldn’t she face them? – She questioned herself. Maybe or maybe not!! But she knew it for sure, being a mother, it was certain.

She grinned. She hugged him. Her heart said, “You have already done it, son!”.

You did it yourself, O mother!”, her son’s heart spoke back.

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