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It was that day when I was let down by myself. May not have been something to be really upset for most of the population, but it was then that I had not done very well in my higher secondary examinations, nowhere close to my expectations and I felt miserable. Soon after the results, I felt like locking myself in a room and not studying further. I thought I was wasting both time and money and not leading my career the way I hoped I would. Not always we get opportunities, rather chances to see if we can do it better. Gradually, all college admissions were opening and I was to select mine .I was in a dilemma whether to reappear for my exams or based on my other competitive exams ranks, enroll into an engineering college and prove myself there. Meanwhile, I had started reading and writing and found myself getting some hope, a positive spark from within. The philosophy of my life had to be changed and the change to be brought in by me. I decided to give my best shot and see if I could still sketch my career the way I had imagined. With that vibe, I started in full swing, not that I studied for hours or compromised on my hours of sleep, but yes structured my day better. I also continued to pursue what I liked the most, which is painting. All these together helped me see what I wanted, a topper in most of the semesters, known for all leadership level activities etc. By god’s grace and believe in self, there hasn’t been turning back career wise. I now plan to become a successful entrepreneur, and have the determination to make it live.

All I now follow is planning in advance and then executing it priority wise. While these are words, progressive actions can only result from a perseverance and optimism. And if we think we can, we really can!

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