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How Much Will Be The Expense?
How Much Will Be The Expense?

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Finally board exams were over and it went well. After almost two months, the most difficult situation arrived - "The Result Day".

We were all waiting for the clock to hit 11. Before that I received many calls and messages.Though I was confident but deep inside there was a fear too. Before the site got jammed, luckily the result was in front of me and the burden that I carried for almost 2 months vanished in just a few seconds. I was expecting more but it was a decent aggregate and we all were happy. My phone once again started annoying me with calls and messages; even those who were unknown to me were asking for my result.

But the surprise was not yet over. The real surprise was the chai biscuit party organised by my friends, it was a small party but it was very meaningful for us as it could be our last party together. Everyone was revealing their secret future goal - some were aiming for IIT, some for medical etc. and now it was my turn, like others, I too revealed my future goal; a year of preparation in Kota for IIT - a good Engineering College. After that we all left for our homes.

I was having dinner with my family and suddenly my father asked, " Aage ka kya plan hai"? As I was already prepared, I replied and then he added "KITNA KHARCH LAGEGA". I replied - about 2Lakhs something. My father waited for few seconds and said emotionally that it is better that you go for another strategy as I don't have such a vast amount. I completely lost my control and went inside the room and started worrying about my future.

In the morning, I looked up for my phone, it was down by the bed with a message from my friend "Hey, Ajay my goal is all set and I am moving to Kota, will you join me?" I replied ,"No!". For the next two days I locked myself in the room. After 20 years of that incident, today in 2038 I have my own bungalow, bank balance, car, my own business but I am still waiting for the moment when my son will say his future plan and I can say "Kitna kharch lagega" and then he can go through his dream.

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