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Blessed Life
Blessed Life

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I had everything a 24 year old could wish for. Six figured salary, comfortable apartment to live, good looks, youth and I was never alone on weekends. A perfect life until I chose to end it.

Cops questioned my friends, family, landlord, colleagues. Everyone was trying to find a reason. Why would such a blessed person commit suicide?

Yeah, I was truly blessed in every imaginable sense. So blessed that even after thinking for ten days I couldn’t find a single reason to write in my suicide note.

Too bored to live would have been too short.

Everything is so perfect, I don’t want it to end would have make me look like coward.I have all this energy not knowing where to put it would have made me look insane.I got everything and there is nothing to look forward to would have been a lie.

While everyone is busy wondering how I get things done my way, I am busy making them my way. I am tired of pretending to have a perfect life all the time. I have number of friends who won’t let me be alone on weekends but none who will sit and listen how lonely I feel. I have faked my smile for years and now no one would believe my tears.

I am tired of living up to the expectations of my family (being an ideal daughter always) and my friends who expect me to cheer them up. Everyone feels I am the happiest person on the planet and I am tired of faking that vibe. But, this would have made me look like a loser. One thing that I had hidden all my life would have been out. No, I could not let that happen.

At the end I decided, no note was required. Someone equally blessed will understand without any note and no note can be convincing enough for the less blessed ones.

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