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A Remarkable Journey
A Remarkable Journey

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This story starts with a rural boy, Rahit who was an introvert. He did not like to talk anyone. His friend circle was very limited. He made a boundary around his surrounding. In his school days he spent a time which was tasteless and boring. He belonged to an indigent family and that is why he had some prevention in his life.He always felt dreary. And also he suffered from inferiority complex. He was also a misogynous because some incident related to women of his time reminded him his past life. It was the nadir of his career.

After completing his school life he took admission in college and ventured a new life with lot of possibilities. He had little interest in human psychology. In the college he met with lots of friends but no one was like him. But he got a friend Ritam who had interest in Rahit. Perhaps Ritam could understand Rahit's intention. He started to interact with Rahit friendly so that he could come out from his boundary related to unknown phobia and explored his thoughts, desires etc. It was a new journey rather a new birth for Rahit.

Rahit took just few days to come out his own world to the new rational world. He conveyed his latitude through his writings in his vernacular language. He started to know the unknown, to see the unseen, to understand the complication of human life. He amalgamated his thoughts with real life to create innovative thing. And this fusion opened a new way to Rahit. He got a chance to a leading newspaper company to write down articles. His circuitous writings started to make many intelligent persons think about the human life. He confessed his own life which was inexplicable to him before. This is how he completed his graduation as well as built a life in the professional area.

With this reputation he started to publish magazine related to human psychology, invention of new technologies, international relationship and so on and so forth. He got fame from renowned person. And the frequency of getting fame provoked him to explore new things. His desire force him to engage himself in primeval theory. The renowned person became thirsty. For quenching their thirst they even gave him more opportunities. Now Rahit became a business tycoon. He became an idol to many persons.

The life of Rahit was going to a good way. Lots of reputation and respect made him nostalgic. But he did not pay attention to his past life. Being a business tycoon he visited many countries. He interacted with lots of established person to draw a sketch in his mind so that he could express his opinion. Many person's thoughts, their successful stories, their ongoing life anchored in the core of Rahit's heart. And these things somewhere made Rahit think once more human psychology.

Therefore, he started again to find out the source of emotion. And this emotion once again carried him to the peak point of his life. It reminded him his past life, Ritam.

A day came to his life when he met Ritam and begged pardon for not connecting with him. But he always recalled him in his every aspect of life, in his every success of life. Rahit also gave his success to his friend as a tribute. He mentioned that Ritam was an incarnation of of God to him. He educed his sustenance from Ritam. They started a new journey rather an eternal journey through out his life and gave us message that there is success in every part of our life if anyone can feel that. This was also a success to come back to his friend.

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