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The Warrior
The Warrior

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In the mystique world of Gods and Kings there lived a MAN. A man with the power of Hercules and the heart of  Ceyx…”

                                                              No one in the kingdom could ever understand this master warrior of the king. The warrior who took to the oceans of the east and the deserts of the west to bring to the king a dynasty so profound that the gods stared in envy to the shine of this myriad. The mystery of the man the kingdom could never understand. A reflection in his eyes which did not let the world in but a stroke of depth which puzzled the human mind. The mystery of THE MAN so huge that the myths of the warrior being a human so absolute that he filled the gap created between the kings and gods. The mystery, oh the mystery traps the human soul in it’s claws for the craving of more. One such mystery no one could ever solve of the master warrior was, even after he being the top gallant of his king but chose to guard the doors of halls of the palace. Some said the love of the warrior for his king made him stand guard of something so ridicule of his stature. But I saw something more than the talks of the streets of bazaar, I saw an emotion so strong in the soul of the MAN that thrilled my soul but could never know what that emotion, that stroke of depth in the eyes of the man said until to that one faithful night…

The night when the man defied gods and the king dropped down to his knees. The night when I witnessed there existed no god nor a king to stop the warrior as when the fires of hell breaks loose for the emotion of love there exists no reservoir to perish the inevitable rage. Numerous bodies of flesh passed through the door to the hall of entertainment of the king guarded by the Master Warrior but there was one for which the eyes of the warrior blinked for whom the laws of nature did not apply. The world corrupted love but for the warrior it was still the same pristine. Though the woman performed for the king the man’s love for the woman were beyond the halls and the universe. But how did the mystery unfold of the master warrior.

The unfaithful night when the king violated the girl and a scream echoed through halls and corridors of the palace. It was not the first scream of the dynasty but this scream was the scream that broke the hell loose. The scream that the god’s still are terrorized by, the scream of violation of a woman’s body, the scream of the warrior’s LOVE. The moment I still shiver to describe when the MAN stepped in the hall and a silence of death was seen in the eyes of the warrior and also the eyes of the king and the conscious of the Empire.The moment when Ceyx and Acontius fused together by the bond of love to Kingfishers. The moment when the warrior’s sword cut through the flesh of neck of the king which slowly led to the loosen of grip of the king’s hand from the body of the girl, The moment when the edge of the warrior’s sword pointed to the ground with the head of the king lying lifeless on one side and on the other fell the weak king without a head on his knees in front of the power of love. The moment when the drop of blood of an emotion of Love slid through the edge of the sword and touched the ground and purified the universe…

“The moment of SALVATION… The moment of LOVE”   


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