I am Pregnant!

I am Pregnant!

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Girlfriend called his boyfriend in fearful tone: ‘Avinash, I am pregnant!’

Boyfriend got shocked: ‘whatttt???!!! H-How can this––?’

Girlfriend: ‘Are you sure..? did you use––?'

Boyfriend quickly replied: ‘Of course Aisha, I had had worn it, you know that. Oh God…!! shit shit shit…!!’

Girlfriend tittered and said in serious tone: ‘Now what are we going to do? What’d I say to my parents??? I’m so scared Avinash.’

Boyfriend: ‘Aisha, Don’t worry. I’ll marry you. I promise I’ll never abandon you.’

Girlfriend got emotional: ‘I love you Avinash. I will never forget this day. By the way, which day is today?’

Boyfriend peeked on phone screen.

1 April.

Boyfriend angrily said: ‘OH… GOD DAMN IT AISHA… I HATE YOUR PRANKS…’

Melodies of her giggles burst out on the other line…

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