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Peace Within = Peace Outside
Peace Within = Peace Outside

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She walked peacefully, greeted the security with a smile, asked for an approval to enter the Registrar’s Office and then walked into the office ‘calmly’. She then greeted her fellow colleagues with a smile, took a chair and sat down. Waiting patiently for an update on the status of the package she was supposed to receive two days back (that is almost 48hours), she checked with the receptionist on how long will she have to wait and what more could she do to support them in speeding up the process. The woman at the reception frantically made innumerous calls, but all in vain. The whole procedure took about thirty to forty-five minutes with no positive outcome whatsoever, and yet there was not an iota of anger or frustration on her face. The woman at the other end only told her that she would get back to her by 4pm. To this, she requested to share the contact details so that she could follow-up should the person forget to call her back. After which, she thanked the person for her time and support and walked out with a smile again.

Aghast! I am confused. I am dazed! Are not you?

Well, what do we interpret from the above story?

When there is peace within, there is definitely peace outside. What we see, what we hear is what we learn and emulate. We are made up of the choices we choose. We leave the house disgruntled because we had a fight with a family member or may be the house cleaner called in at the last minute to take a day off; but it is only we who choose if that mood should be carried to our workplace and elsewhere. Similarly, we may have a bad day at work; again, it is a choice that we make to carry the same mood at home and to our children. The result of the anger that we carry within ourselves, is only in the loss of relationships. Every person we meet every individual we come across; is fighting a battle within. What we could do to cheer ‘em up is to first cheer up ourselves.

How do we do that?

As much as I believe in the power of Yoga and Meditation, I will not go back to these age-old practices. I believe, what we need more is to understand ourselves, our passions, our dreams, our visions better. Understanding of one’s self helps in the better understanding of others. In addition, yes, our age –old practices is just one-step towards achieving this. Reading – the right books, Writing – our thoughts on a blank paper; Communicating – our feelings to our near and dear ones; Listening and Understanding – others perspective could be the other options as well for us.

For at the end of the day, if and only if there is peace within there will be peace outside.

Have a lovely peaceful day!

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