Me And Jungé

Me And Jungé

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"You don't own a glove? What is the problem with you?" he took.

"What is the trouble with me? You're the one created this whole shit," she answered.

"You know what, that interests me. Tell me what I've done obnoxious enough making your fucking white nose go pink," he folded his hands and made a grin, waiting for her answer.

"Are we talking about my nose here?”

“I don’t see any answer from you.”

“Fine, I'll tell you what it is. I just want to dally with that snowman. So I dropped myself from those oldies. I saw you getting a piss on that green WELCOME TO KINGSVILLE board."

"You saw what?"

"Oh, shut up. I just saw you're back."

"Move ahead."

"I saw you in the second bus which was for men. I knew you're one among the tourists. I just marked you and started toying with the snowman."

"You know what, I did the same fucking thing. I knew you're one among the crew and I marked you and you're just trifling with that snowman while the two buses gave no shit and vanished".

They both stared at each other without a hint.

“Now we both lost the buses. And playing with a snowman is the grossest thing I've picked up in months," he said forcing his eyelids. 

"We're even now."

"As you say, Jungé," he stated.

"But why did you piss on that green board? I mean it’s a fresh one," she moved over a smile.

"You definitely want to pluck an answer for that?"

"Forget it," she drew a flat lip.

"But still, can I know why you did that?"

"Will you quit? You don't have any idea about the Kingsville, do you?"

"I'm from Cleveland."

"Then learn something interesting Miss, an average of 250 people got murdered by the raising cold winds last December all over Kingsville."

"Let it be, what's your story?"

"Germany, Berlin," he began walking.

"Auf Wiedersehen," she said and kept abreast.

"I'm a Mechanical engineering grad. I'm here for a fucking holiday all alone"

"Hey, try mine. I'm working for the Oreo, Cleveland division."

"And why'd you come to Kingsville?"

"Same as you. Searching for an inspiring holiday and got stuck and pissed in the middle of nowhere."

He turned; raising his eyebrows and taking back his lips into his mouth and stared at her.

"Fine, I zip my mouth. No more words that piss you off," she blushed. 

"Jungé, I'm not here to mess around. If you notice those two slugged yellow truck, you will tell me."

"Ok. What's Jungé? My name is not Jungé."

"You're so jungé enough to be called jungé."

"Mmmmm. What's your favourite automobile?"

"Right now, my favorite automobile is that two rusted yellow trucks moving not more than 10 knots per hour so that I can fucking grab it before I die talking to you."

"I own a pack of Oreo milkshakes in my bus."

"Oh, you're fucking lucky jungé."

Their legs left the tracks hard enough for anyone to stick with. She came up with an idea of conjuring up a fire. But the approaching snowstorm infected their thoughts and kept them moving ahead. They had no clue about the two Kingsville travel vans.

"They just melted into the slender air," she says.

"We're marching and I can't figure this land. When the light dies down, I don't find any reason for the wolves and lions to leave us behind without side dishing us. We hunt or get hunted."

"Whoa... slow down slow down. We're not gonna kick the bucket here."

He halted and turned sharply meeting her eyes.

"Looks like your nose is back to normal jungé," he said. She wriggled her nose to see its color. He captured it pretty interesting and stared at her little nose.

“You’re gonna watch my nose until sundown,” she demanded.

“Pack your ass. We’re moving.”

“Will you stop for a minute,“ she stared at him seriously.


“We're not gonna make it right?”

“If we try.....”

“End it. We are not gonna make it and we're gonna die here without clothes. I knew it. Why are we trotting? We could merely do something and pass our time.”

“Like what my lady?”

“Ugh... like throwing snowballs, playing, hugging.”

“You are out of your mind and you knew it. Shut your thing and walk.” 

"Just take a look at this place. It's blue and beautiful."

"It's grey and dead. The snow storm will not wait for us," he pushed her forward.

"You know what, fuck it."

She stopped trotting. She took her mobile from her pocket and started squeezing it with her fingers. He caught her using a mobile.

“You fucking have a mobile phone?” he asked.


“You’re an unbelievable dumbass. Hand it to me.”

She dialled a number and began speaking, “Robbie, we are close to the grill banisters. Come fast.”

“You have Robbie's number and a fucking apple and you have not mentioned it to me for two long hours. What are you? Mad.....”

She didn’t make a reply and started walking to the rusted grilled banisters and he followed her without a question. They jumped and crossed the bannisters and found their two buses marching towards them. He was about to get inside the men’s bus and a voice stopped him.

“What are you doing?” she inquired.

“Getting inside my bus if you can see.”

“What happens to me?”

“What happens to you? Work and fuck yourselves,” he gave a big sigh. 

Her eyes watered and she squinted.

“Did you just say that and sigh at me?” she began crying and entered into her bus.

He watched her with a blank look and hurried into his bus. Robb welcomed him with a first gear inside the bus.

“Robb, fuck you.”

“I’m sorry man. I didn’t receive any report from those guys,” his thumb marked all others in the bus.

“Fuck you,” he shouted towards the crowd, some sleeping, some hearing music and some took a expression at him.

“Women?” Robb asked.

“Yeah she’s terrible Robb. She had a mobile and your number all the time. But she didn’t actually call you. Fuck me.”

“Oh, good lords, help this poor little son,” Robb said.

“Wait. What did you say?” he stared at Robb blankly. Robb gave a helpless blank look. He told Robb to overtake the women bus and stop it in the middle of the highway. He sprang out of the bus and popped into the women bus. He found her finishing her Oreo milkshake and her nose all pink. He rushed to her seat and she stood with a futile expression. He started biting and kissing her nose.

“Human beings are terrible these days,” a granny said. He let go her nose and started panting.

“What was that?” she asked.

“Jungé, I want to see your pink nose for the rest of my life.”

“It turns pink even if you hurt me.”

“I want to see good pink. Not a grey-pink. I assure you.”

“You are tired. Did you, at least, drink the water?”

“Gimme that Oreo milkshake.”

“I sent it down my belly.”

“I’ll deal with your mouth then,” he started kissing her and tasting the milkshake.

“Any idea of stating your name?” she asked removing her lips.

“You should ask some other time. But I’ll call you Jungé.”

“Jungé is better than my name, though."

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