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Reality Vs Expectations
Reality Vs Expectations

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When we are learning to drive a vehicle, initially we find it hard, unable to control the mechanism,
we hit several times, damage the vehicle or even encounter a minor accident. But in spite all these
obstacles our enthusiasm to learn driving does not go low. We enjoy hitting we enjoy the learning
It is because we accept accidents and damage as a process of learning. It is not different from
learning, in fact, it's a process of learning. Similarly, obstacles in life, downturns in life, failures in life
unexpected occurrence of events in life is nothing but a process of growing in life. Our continuous
process to grow in life to be successful is accompanied by failures and downturn. It is not a separate
thing, in fact, it's a part of the process of growing in life.
The only problem is we don't accept it as a process to grow, we don't welcome problems,
downturns, cheating, and failures in the same we welcome success and achievements.
Understanding that failures are part of the process to be successful and downturn a part of the process to
grow we will accept all of them. And when we accept reality as it is there is no conflict between your
expectations and reality and we enjoy the journey of growing in life.
Accept reality against your expectations and we will enjoy the process of living a life. Because the
strength of a problem lies in non-acceptance and it's weakness lies in facing them.

When we are learning damage the vehicle minor accident

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