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Humanoids 2040
Humanoids 2040

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Drama Tragedy

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"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots."- Albert Einstein.

Few kilometres from the city of Mumbai, there is a small Village called Zarwada. It is a peaceful village and people of that village are very vocal, involving and helpful to each other. In that small village there also lived a boy named Santosh; he is a joyful, fun loving kid, loves helping friends; very bright in sports and studies too. After completing his 12th standard, he got a scholarship to study in one of the biggest and famous colleges in Mumbai in appreciation of securing the highest marks in the entire village. Only problem was he had to shift and stay in college hostel to further continue his studies. His parents very happy and the boy was excited too. Finally the day came to leave the village and shift to Mumbai. Boy was happy and was feeling little sad too, as he had to leave his parents and friends behind. He left to Mumbai with his dad.

Upon reaching the college they found out all the relevant details of admission in college and stay in hostel, college campus etc. Boy’s dad returned to the village after all the joining formalities were done. It was totally a different environment for the Santosh, in fact he felt weird as he saw people barely speaking to each other in the bus stop, in the campus etc. Everyone looked like they were in a hurry or too busy or uninterested, rather careless to see what’s going on around them. Boy was greeted with hello by a bunch of students holding their i pads, tabs, phones, laptops etc. post which they were again back to their world of machines. He wondered what they were doing so important with their gadgets instead of interacting, speaking to each other. In fact no one cared to ask his whereabouts and other details which is generally expected to be asked. First day was so weird for Santosh as he felt lonely and depressed even though he was surrounded by many people rather surrounded by machines, I would say.

After all the lectures finished for the day Santosh reached his hostel room where he slept off directly he as felt very tired. Two roommates of his room left for dinner.

Now in his peaceful sleep in the middle of the night, he got into a dream and in the dream, he was in year 2040. In that he saw people in restaurants, malls, colleges, bus etc. No one was talking to each other; no one knew their neighbors either. Even if some one spoke to each other, it sounded totally hypocritical, artificial and senseless as technology made them lazy, unaccustomed to socialization and expressionless. People felt easy to express their feelings and emotions online or on social apps through smileys and emoji’s etc., but didn’t know how to express face-to-face or rather felt shy and uncomfortable to show or express emotions face-to-face. In fact the technology became too advanced and sophisticated that techies were able to make robots almost with human emotions and feelings which is a default human quality which humans forgot in those days. People chose online chatting over, face-to-face chatting. Everything was online and hard cash became an ancient word; it existed only in banks, rest was plastic money or online money, as we call it. All the hard cash was either stuck in money pay websites or apps as you can pay with apps or websites everywhere apart from cabs, online shopping websites etc. and there were transaction fees charged for everything. Some people even forgot how hard cash looks as almost everywhere only swipe worked. Everything was linked to everything, everything was monitored and controlled to some extent; what you wear, what you eat, where you go, what you buy, what you watch, what you listen, what you like etc.

People got addicted to internet, worse than a drug addict gets addicted to drugs and feels like hurting himself without it. People were ready to even kill others who were found with additional amount of data left in their net packs or who had latest most sophisticated gadgets with them. Gangs of people were in search of people with more net data and latest gadgets like zombies in search of normal people.

News of frequent deaths due to stampedes at free Wi-Fi zones became common unlike in today’s times where stampedes happen in railway stations, temples, concerts etc.

Taking pictures of the special food at restaurants and posting on social media became like a ritual before having it. If no picture was taken or if someone forgets to take a picture, the guys on the opposite side would say aren’t you forgetting something, person who forgot to take a picture would say sorry I forgot and will click the picture and say let’s start.

Family meetings, marriage engagements, job interviews etc. was only through video conferencing to save time and almost daily wars and rumors of war around the world became common.

Even though being very expensive, trips to Mars and Moon became a common thing. People knew what is going on in Mars and Moon but people did not know what’s happening around with their neighbors.

Parents were beating and dragging their kids to go and play outside instead of sticking inside the home with their gadgets unlike today where you get a beating for going outside to play again and again.

Technology, made the people so dumb they didn’t know what to do in bank if online services were down. Some banks even imposed fine of few rupees for not visiting the bank at least twice in a month and people were ready to pay the fine as they became so dumb, they thought paying fine is better instead of going to bank and simply sitting, doing nothing in the bank.

Technology made the people too much space and privacy conscious more than needed. Everyone was busy with their gadgets he barely saw humans among st bunch of human tissues upgraded to machine level who lost the value of socialization in fact it seemed like bunch of heartless people on roads everywhere he went. He was left alone in the dream too.

Frequent deaths due to selfie madness everywhere or frequent deaths due to accidents while walking on roads watching updates on mobiles, notes and Ipads etc became a common thing. Almost every flying object was assumed or rumored to be a UFO and there were frequent sky accidents as there were too many flying objects in the sky like, mini gliders, air scooters, flying cars, mini helicopter’s, too many commercial flights etc. Frequent online frauds, hacking etc. became a common scenario. Frequent deaths due to suicides increased due to stress, loneliness and greed for money increased. Rail accidents increased too as the speeds increased up to the level of 500 kilometres per hour of almost most of all the trains.

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” – Matt Mullenweg

Everywhere he saw Villas, huge communities, societies or sophisticated societies with big boundaries, which had everything inside from malls to supermarket, cinema halls, schools, restaurants etc. Kids in those kind of societies were so dumb that they hardly knew about the world outside their living campus. There is a full chance of getting lost if they go out of their home campus due to confusion.

Instead of toys, kids were crying for mobile phones and other gadgets. So mobiles and gadgets ended up more in the hands of kids more than parents . Ailments like spondylosis, back aches, weak bones etc. were common as people hardly getting enough time for exercise, exposing to sun, sports etc. as luxury in life increased, health issues also increased due to radiation of various gadgets around. Health was also bad in those years due to increase in canned, processed and junk, hybrid food, animals with injection of too much antibiotics and hormones for faster growth for faster slaughter for all time availability.

Natural environment became less as the craze and demand for artificial things grew like artificial flowers, artificial outdoor grass carpets, artificial outdoor decorative trees. Demand for face masks for protection from air pollution grew. Ailments rate was very high even for kids as young as 15 years. Luxurious cars became dam cheap and affordable for more than 30% of the population unlike today. So people were living comfortably and luxuriously with poor health and low life span of around hardly 40 to 50 yrs. only and maximum of 60 with very good health if so.

Getting a piece of land was hard so mostly it was like towers upon towers. Occupation of slum lands by government frequently by terming them as illegal occupation and selling them back to land developers in return thus making the most powerful, rich and influential people having upper hand over the others. As there was no space left for to build anymore. Small business like baji , pakoda waalas, dosa bandis had no scope for much growth as it was mandatory to be sold such small items as well in Malls or in special assigned spots if to be sold on other than slums or less commercialised areas. Population was increasing like crazy and some countries with huge population even started insane projects like population control programs by mass gassing or shooting public below poverty line like animals once in a year by randomly selecting a slum anywhere from within the country and even special money was allocated for such programs in budget every year.

Jobs were cut by almost more than 50% as even security, defence, community watchman jobs were taken over by High end Robots and due to increased competition with machines people were even working 12 to 15 hours a day with limited personal and family life. It seemed the Era of Sophistication and commercialization was at its peak around the world.

World news revolved around only three key major points, money, technology and wars. People were interested to read blogs more than watching news or reading newspapers.

Santosh felt hungry in the dream and took two samosas from a bakery each costing 100 rupees. He gave the change of Rs.300, the proprietor of the bakery tried calculating the change he has to give back to Santosh, when he realised he was unable calculate properly and due to being too tech savvy, he took out the calculator and started calculating. Santosh asked the proprietor of the bakery it’s a small amount why are you calculating on the calculator? You just have to give me back Rs.100, the proprietor looked up leaving his calculator and scanned Santosh from top to bottom and asked "are you from foreign country or out of the world " teasingly, and started laughing at him loud and hard. Suddenly the bell rang it was 5 am in the morning, Santosh woke up suddenly in amazement and disbelief by wondering of what he was just dreaming about and suddenly started laughing loud and hysterically remembering the things he just dreamt of hearing which his other two roommates woke up too in amazement and thought he has gone mad or something.

Technology is for making our life simple and comfortable but we insist on making it complicated by being over dependent on it.


The story revolves around the negative impact of technology in near future. Technology is making our life simpler and comfortable but we insist on making it complicated.

In near future most of us will be becoming like a body without soul. No one will have time for anyone. People would forget how to express their feelings, family get-together will be dry and silent as each family member will be busy with their stupid gadgets as if losing billion-dollar deals at the event of diverting their eyes from their gadgets even for a second. People will dream great things and materialism would outcast the human emotions and interactions. Everybody would be lazy enough to even walk few meters in the same street they live in to buy household items they need. Everything will be through online or calls or even may have to take appointments to visit supermarkets. Everything we do will be controlled and monitored in the name of unique identification through various gadgets of monitoring. Privacy in those days would become a mere ancient word may be. It gives the sense of control but technology will become our master. There is no wonder if situations may come like parents have to call their kids for dinner from first floor to ground floor through social media network.

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