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Should I Move On?
Should I Move On?

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I am a 25-year-old girl. My looks are average. I have been depressed for a few months now. The reason for the depression is a 4-year old relationship with a man, with whom I was madly in love. Even he was in love with me and we had decided to stay together, whenever possible. For three years, I was always a priority for him. We knew that it will be difficult for us to spend our lives together, but we promised to each other, no matter what, we will not marry at all, but try to stay together whenever our careers and our individual families permitted us to do so.

We saw many dreams together. There were many times in the 4-year relationship when we were together. At other times, he gave priority to his work. However, each time he did so, he would return to me for succor, after working hard for one month at a stretch. At such times, we met only on weekends. At other times, when he was giving me priority, all our evenings from 6 pm to 9 pm were spent together. The Revival Restaurant at Girgaum Chowpatty is a silent testimony to the times when we dated together. Today, we have almost forgotten what the ice-creams at Revival taste like.

This is because he has started giving priority to his work, once again, but this time, he has been ignoring me for longer than before. Also, he says that his family is forcing him to meet a girl, who stays in their colony. They want him to get married to her. She is not as educated as him. However, she keeps on coming to their house, whenever, his mother calls her. Her regular visits to their house have strengthened the bond between his mother and her. I fear, that they also must have increased the familiarity between him and her. 

I had started feeling secure whenever I was with him. I was also planning to change my job with his help. However, now, none of that will materialize, considering he has started ignoring me. Although, I know that he is avoiding me, I cannot do anything because I have not been able to create a place in his busy life for myself in the three and a half years we were together. I am regretting meeting him and spending time with him. His ignorance is making me angrier and angrier. I try to call him up on weekends, however, be does not pick up the phone.

He has also blocked me on WhatsApp and we also do not chat on Gtalk. While we were together, we had started a small company which was being financed by him. However, now, that company will also have to be closed. He has not told me anything about the company. I was the working partner in that company. We offered content writing services. We had two clients and we were going to make the company bigger. Arnav (that was his name) had started the company, ARNAV CONSULTANTS AND ENGINEERS, so that we could stay together longer. However, today, Arnav has started hating me.

I am ruing those moments spent together doing work and enjoying life. I know they will never come back. I am praying to God that he comes back to me. However, in my heart of hearts I know that he will not. The moment he blocked me on WhatsApp, I understood that he does not want any relationship with me any longer. I was foolish to believe all his talk of enjoying a live-in relationship with him. He had also promised me that he would get me a two-wheeler from his full and final settlement that he got from his company when he left his job to work on the company that he had started.

I do not know what the future holds for me. I think that he loves me and will come back. But, he talks to me very rudely whenever I try to call him up. Everyone keeps telling me that I should move on. But, I still cannot believe he has left me. The guy who used to be madly in love with me is no longer talking to me. My heart says he will come back. What do you suggest? SHOULD I MOVE ON?

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