"Bali", My Friend Beyond Boundaries

"Bali", My Friend Beyond Boundaries

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Hello, I am an old tree, planted by Ethan my best friend. Do you know when I was small Ethan bought me from a farmer and planted me in his garden. He loved me so much and of course I loved him too.

One day when I was 3 years old suddenly a huge flail of wind was going to knock me down but Ethan ran and saved my life . From that day he named me "Bali", my sweetheart. After some years I became old but Ethan's love didn't change for me , it was the same. He used to share every single secret with me, good or bad, happy or sad. We use to crack jokes, ask riddle, tease and fiddle.

Well I was lucky to have a best friend like Ethan. Later some day while Ethan was sleeping on my lap, and woke up remembering something  ran inside and checked the calender but didn't come out and told me what he read. For next few days he didn't talk to me. I didn't know what happened but I bet Ethan didn't love me any more. I think he got new plant or he doesn't like me anymore... 

When I turned back crying and asuming this, Ethan screamed and said " Happy Friendship Day , Bali, my sweetheart". His words brought tears in my eyes and I am the happiest person to lose this bet on the earth. He tied a multi colored ribbon on my trunk, which read-



He hugged me tight ..and I happily said "Ethan, I love You".....

Now I am the proud tree. 

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