Magical waves

Magical waves

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Sunder ,sundra and swadha were enjoying the happiest day of their life. It was the pleasant weather of late winter, sun ray brightened the canvas- mammoth water shores of Arabian sea filled with silvery shadow. On the beautiful canvas of nature there were three little creature left their mark. They screamed with their limit, hoped as they could, laughed like thunder of clouds, sea waves touched their mark and vanished their home made with sand on sand. Although it was light winter yet they enjoyed the warmth of love and energized relation.

Sunder was an ordinary guy of small city. He graduated with average marks and had a small but good friend circle. He was hero among his friends and had a lot of friends of opposite gender until Sundra came in his life. Sunder got a new perspective of happiness and rewrite the values of his life. He was in love or swimming on the waves of love which were on the high swing this time. Sunder wrapped his world around only Sundra, He need not anything only love of Sundra. He became more intelligent and got courage took decision of his life. He was going with a new rift, he waved himself with the high wave that was Sundra and reached away with his roots. He could not get any clue of this drift as he was blindly moved on the path of love that had only long lasting path nowhere was destination.

He managed to get married with Sundra with a great dramatic family constraints. He passed with top grade in the exam of love. Sundra his beloved perhaps her love could opened her arm in which his family found hardly a point size space. The new couple decided to move open sky where they could fly without any worldly worried. They would keep themselves in telephonic touch with their family but soon they had no time for these gossips they became busy in their new business. Sunder got his new destination near sea shore of Arabian sea. They often spend quality time on sea shores and their sweet memories was growing on those beaches. They got the most beautiful reward of their love –Swadha . Now Sunder and Sundra was filled the completeness of life. Now as Swadha was growing day by day ,their chance on coming on sea shores fainted. However Sunder came on church beach every Saturday without fail.

Sundra and Swadha wrote new stories of their life. Sundra started took tuition and Swadha was busy in her study and adolescence business. Sunder got less attention from both diva. Sunder continued with his fast friend that vast ocean. He poured up himself into the oceans and felt relaxed. Life was moving with its tipsy curvy way. On Weekend only Sunder was on church beach, Sundra and Swadha could not made their promises which they did with sea waves.

Today India lost the match to Australia and this was the frontline news of daily newspaper. He announced his critics on every single player and gave dozens of suggestions about selection of team. He continued with his pace but got no response from the other side. On that evening He reached church beach, found strangely warm speedy wind soon became fierce. He could not believe on this but he crossed himself again and again and amazingly found himself with these surprised moments. The Arabian sea waves seemed strange to Sunder. He confused and his mind was not ready to trust himself. He felt fire with dangerous shapes as these were coming to capture him. He got catch if he could not propelled back rashly. He gave a second thought to come again on church beach. He was afraid so much that he reduced his turn to come on that beach.

Sunder shared the great victory of his favoured political party win but swadha and sundra had no time to join his joys. Sunder was at the church beach. It was a great surprise for him, He found a soothing breeze from the sea and made him witness of wonderful charming sea waves musical dances. Sunder pinched himself number of times to make him realize that all was real that was happed to him. Now He decided share these strange phenomenon with his family. He tried a lot but could not get success. He cried bitterly and screamed this time so loud that Swadha and Sundra could not avoid him. Sundra got tensed after listening about his sea shore stories.

Little swadha silently observed all, how her parents faced that typical situation. Sundra had not any idea why did Sunder felt so much strange experience on church sea shore? She wanted that Sunder stopped to visit on that haunted sea shore and got diagnosed with specialized doctor of such cases.

 Swadha also witnessed all this strange and panic situation of her family. She thought a lot but always got her in a fix situation. Next morning Swadha prepared morning tea for her father and took her cup with him. They talked after a long time so heartedly. They laughed and filled all room with their laughter. Sundra joined this laughter riot also. They spent a healthy time after a long time. Swadha and Sundra felt very happy to see happiness of Sunder’s face. Swadha and Sundra planned for outing on church beach but Sunder got frightened just hearing about sea shore ,he had a great sea phobia. Dual diva hold Sunder’s hand and hugged him tightly, both kissed simultaneously on his cheeks. They left the idea going out on beach. They began to sit together on their home, play and spend great fun time together. Sunder surprisingly recovered and recollected his strength and called Swadha and Sundra and shouted that please let me out of that fear! I was sick of that damn fear of haunted waves. Come with me, I sure now wave could not dare to haunted me. They all with holding each other hand moved ,moved with a different swagger, fearless and alarmed the church beach – come! Now Come ,if you dare, if you potential , if you were in really……… Sunder shouted in his rage and threw all his fear with his anger. Swadha and Sundra calmed down Sunder and once again they started moved on the waves with elegantly. 

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