Watch Me Sleep.

Watch Me Sleep.

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“It’s funny how I still remember every detail. Even after being lifeless for over fifteen years, I can still visualize my body resting in the coffin. I can still remember how he watched me sleep.”

I was seventeen. He was nineteen. Best of friends. Just a random day when we were hanging out at my place. Lying on the undone bed and with the cold breeze slapping our bodies on the twentieth story, it was Nature’s demand. We came closer, wrapping ourselves under a thick quilt, wrapping our bodies together. Oh what relief! It was the sweetest of sleep I ever had. 
After a while, my eyes opened to see him gazing at me.He likes to watch me sleep. Like sunshine lighting up my eyes, he bent down, kissed me and left while I saw him leave. Who knew it was for real. I was fooled by irony.That was the last time I saw him.

Well, not really the last time.

Four days later. Trapped in my own body, refusing to give up, it came to an end. I remember watching my own self being dressed. Lifeless. I can visualize my own self being placed in a coffin. Lifeless. I can still visualize myself in a pretty white dress, sleeping in the coffin. Lifeless.

I saw him gazing at my body, knelt down, leaning on my coffin, besides my corpse. Sobbing, he touched my forehead. I was still present there. Well lets say in ‘My Both Self’. My Soul, my Body. Seperately. I saw my body, lifeless, break a few hearts that instant. But I was right there. Right besides the door. I walked ahead, through the people. Made my way to myself. Stood near my coffin, besides him.

Suddenly, he looked up. I thought he saw me. But that’s when I realised, that now, he sees through me.

Turned his gaze back at the coffin. He likes to watch me sleep.

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