The Sabbatical

The Sabbatical

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Him: Hey, hi are you doing? Meeting after long one year.

Me: Hi Rohit...I am good? Yeah it had been really long time... had been away travelling so was cut off socially. Now I am back.

Him: Yeah I heard you were on sabbatical for a know I also took sabbatical 10 months back.....its so refereshing...i am loving it...

Me: Good to hear...yeah I think its good to take a break for some time to empty yourself after few years. We come to realize that what we think is important in a fast running live... is actually something which "does not matter".

Him: Hmmm...year right....So did you analyze in this last one year what to do next?

Me: No I didnt wanted to spent a single second during sabbatical year to add things to my mind. The purpose was to empty it ...

Him: Then what did you actually do? Did you not planned a start up or something

Me: No 

Him: That's strange. I can not sit even for an hour not doing any thing. After one month I worked on a startup idea..made a project and sold of last month to a well funded company for 2 Crore rupees.

Me: Well, then, I would not call it a sabbatical in real sense.

Him: Yeah, but that what is sabattical all about. Take a break from you boring job, try something new idea or startup and then see after sabbatical if you want to go back to your job or get some funding for your idea...and if you are able to do later then sabattical is worth it.

Me: Well, I see you did lot of things and filled your mind further with things which eventually should not matter. The break should help you ease out...empty you....

Him: Hmm...i dont know if thats possible. All I know I had lot of bucks during my break...not I need to figure out if I buy a new home with this 2 crore and pickup a job ...but I dont like doing job....or should I build one more project and invest this money to create it ....

Me: you see your mind is not at peace...the break should give you peace..

Him: Ok babaji....leave me tell whats your next step

Me: I might move back to same job i was doing before the break.

Him: Really..I thought you said last year that you hate your job.

Me: Yes that was last year...since then emptied my mind. I realized it was not the job which was the issue, but it was million of uncontrolable thoughts going in my mind. That was what caused the frustation, clashes. Now all that does not matter.....

Him: I dont believe have gone crazy or can it not matter to you when your boss takes all the credit, your previous team mates used to complain on your back to your boss and you, with your ideals, never wanted to do the same, but still frustated. You didn't get promotion you fact, due to office politics, you moved to a low profile project. How can you forget that? You still want to go back to your old job which one day you used to despise. What has changed which make you think you can survive and not get frustated with your job again?

Me: My friend, I had taken a sabbatical!


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