I Am Not Sure

I Am Not Sure

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I am not sure. If I was awake or asleep. I am not sure. What I do know is that I was with her.

I turned sideways on my bed and my hand found something that it wasn’t expecting. Some one was lying beside me. Though it was not expected, it certainly wasn’t strange. I opened my eyes, only to see her lying, sidewise on her left side. I didn’t see her face as it was on the other side but I felt I knew her for ages. Before I closed my eyes I could see her wrinkled purple colored shirt and black pajama’s. May be due to moments during her sleep, her wrinkled shirt had moved a bit up only covering half of her upper body and had exposed her waist, her luscious curve. Her pajama’s had also moved half a hip down, assisting the completion of perfect curve.

I, myself was feeling really sleepy and didn’t want to wake her. I took the sheet and covered her till her shoulder before I fell deep back into sleep. My hand was on her waist. My hand found her body very soft. She responded to my touch by slightly lifting her knees of her folded legs towards her stomach, sliding her hand on mine till our fingers mixed with each other. I felt, she smiled to my touch.

May be during my sleep, I slid my hand along with hers; towards her navel and pulled her body towards mine, strongly. For a second or so I held her so tightly that my chest and her back was almost one; I think in that moment, I felt her heart beating on same beats as mine.

As I held her, I planted a gentle kiss on her neck. I heard her giggle indistinctly. My hug was still tight and she didn’t mind.

After some time, I heard a soft noise of her wrestling with the sheets so that she could turn, towards me. I was still in sleep but I strongly remember her lips as they kissed me on mine. The touch of her lips, made me feel that they were dry; so I made them wet with help from my tongue. She moved her one arm beneath my shoulder towards my back and other arm, under my neck. I moved both my hands on each side of her waist and pulled her over me.

As she lay on top of me, her silky hair scattered on my face. I heard her giggle again. Her face was on my right shoulder.

She had taken her hands out of my back, and slid across my hands till the elbow. She pushed my elbows down. Now my hands were lying beside my body, and she was free from my hug.

I still remember her laugh as she gently inserted her teeth on my right earlobe. I opened my eyes slowly to see this mischievous beauty. But before I could catch any glimpse of her, she took her right hand placed it on my eyes. Her legs spread across my waist and her knees caught my hands on palms. I understood her urge to play so I didn’t move further. In fact, I wanted her to play with me. She moved down, gently biting on my neck, then on to left side of my chest. I let out a soft moan mainly due to the pain, as she bit my bare chest a bit harshly.

“now you see how it hurts me, sometimes!!” she naughtily said. I had never heard that soft voice, but strangely it was familiar to me. That feeling closely could be described as Déjà vu but by no means entirely.

She was moving down nibbling and kissing at her will. Her hair had also moved down, now covering my chest.

“No peeking ok?” she said, and she took her hand away from my eyes. Only to sidewise push my hands behind my back. Freeing her knees. Now she was sitting straight up on my waist.

A motionless moment followed. 

She lifted my head and tied silky clothes around my eyes. I think it was her purple shirt.

She bent down to nibble on my nipples and I am sure I felt her bare breasts.

She lifted herself a bit with help of her knees; from my waist, as she felt something throbbing her.

I knew it was throbbing her, right between her thighs; teasing her, making its presence felt to her.

I wanted to push her down, tear her clothes, make love to her, passionately.

Just after few seconds of teasing, she again laid on me completely. Her thighs crossed around my hard member, holding it strongly. I could feel how she was holding tightly, pressuring with her thighs so that it stops throbbing and teasing her.

Her lips were close to my ear, she said: “not now honey, I am waiting for you to come to me more than you are; I am waiting for you; to make love to me and be united with body and soul; more than you are!”

I freed my hands from my back and opened my eyes, to hug her, kiss her. But she wasn’t there. The silk shirt I felt she had on my eyes wasn’t there. I sat up, gasping my breath. Waiting for her. Thinking was it real or a dream. I am not sure. If I was awake or asleep. I am not sure.

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