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My Interpretation Of Religion
My Interpretation Of Religion

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Religion is not a matter of enforcement but a matter of choice. When was born, my father never asked me to follow a religion. He said we follow all religions and that was the only statement I understood, since childhood till today. Whenever people ask me about my religion, I answer them by saying that I follow all of them. Some don't understand, others think I'm an atheist. No, atheism is too big a word to describe me and besides, I do believe in the existence of God.

I believe that there's a soul behind everything. I believe there is someone who gave us life, who made the planets and the stars and the skies. I believe their is a soul who created the black hole and the Bermuda triangle for no reason. This is the very soul that surprises us with nonseasonal rains and shocks us with the unexpected natural calamities. Yes, God exists! I was given a choice of religion. I've known churches, temples, Gurudwaras and mosques. I've been a Christian at school, Hindu in the neighborhood, Sikh with my friends and Muslim with my granny. I've enjoyed Eid with my family, Christmas at my school, Diwali with the neighbors (alost proud to be born on the day of Diwali), I've enjoyed Holi, I've enjoyed 'langar' at Gurudwaras and Navratri pooja with my neighbors. I can recite 'gayatri mantra' like any other Hindu friend of mine and I have no idea about 'kalma' and I absolutely have no regrets about it! I've enjoyed every bit of all the religions. I wish to know more about Buddhism, and see how the Buddhists function as the religion fascinates me a lot. Yes, I follow all the religions because in the end its not the about the religion but about the people. Why judge a person on the basis of his religion when he is much more than that? Why not see the wonderful hearts, the beautiful personalities, the unique talents? Why not see that they all have something to learn about, something to talk about and something to love about? And we are all stuck with the religions?

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