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Amidst The Skies (Part 2)
Amidst The Skies (Part 2)

© Yalnaaz Lakdawala

Drama Inspirational Thriller

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He looked at her in a highly inquisitive manner, with eyebrows raised and eyes not ready to blink. A smile did accompany all of this, without a doubt. He had no assumptions to what just happened.

She did not have the guts to look at him in his eyes. Her face turned towards him, but eyes still on her hands, “Excuse me.” She almost whispered. All she wanted at that moment was to escape that situation.

“It’s okay.” He said to her. “Just think that nothing happened and relax.”

She held everything for quite a while, but no more could she keep it to herself. It had to be released, she missed her cat. “How? How can I just forget about it? I’m sorry, I don’t know How? When? Where? Why? Nothing at all, trust me.” She cupped her face with her hands.

As if life had been any less surprising to him, another shock. ‘She could speak so much, so openly, so well, so fast.’ He hadn’t understood anything about her, except for the fact that she wanted to hide a lot. He replied to her, “Well regarding when and where we both know that. Why? Is something no one other than you can answer and with due respect to your question about how, let me explain.” He bent over at her leaving the least distance he could and gently pushed that one tendril of hair which fell on her face, behind her ear and stroked her cheek. His hands had touched many faces, but no touch at first had ever felt so soothing, so real. Mostly he had felt tones of make-up.

His touch made her shiver. Hot and cold shivers rushed all through her body and butterflies danced in her stomach, her feeling escalated to the heavens above. Her face turned pink as never before. She felt something like never before. All this was too foreign for her to understand. As she gasped, her heart felt the rush and her brain felt the heat. Ethically she had to push him back, she placed her hand on his chest, but the energy required didn’t seem to show up. She ended up feeling his muscles. Her face flashed nothing but wide eyes and blush. A second more in that situation would land them to another level, which he sensed and slowly withdrew himself but not his stare. Discomfort grew between the two, whatever little they had seemed to be lost. The next 5-6 hours passed veiled in dead air.

“Passengers please fasten your seatbelts, we are about to land.” The attendant announced.

“Here, your I-pod. Sorry it slipped out of my mind.” He returned her piece of technology.

“That’s fine.” Her voice reached his ears after hours of silence.

“So, this is it, I think.” His lips muttered in dejected tone.

“Yeah.” She sounded almost the same.

The flight landed, their journey had come to an end. From then on they had different paths in life. Paths which could never meet.

Both Amaira and Varun had been living in Mumbai since years yet belonged to different world’s altogether. She was never interested in anything related to Indian music. In his case there wasn’t a single chance to land up in a same place where she would, coz she rarely went anywhere.

The journey from the flight to the baggage belt was again timid. After collecting their baggage, they exchanged a quick smile, highly oblivious that they had put in a tinge of brightness in each others lives.

‘Should I make a move?’ She thought to herself if it was apt to make a move for a handshake or not?

Finally she put her hand forward as a goodbye ritual. A ritual she just made up. Just then he leaned forward to wrap her in his arms. That was his way to bid adieu of which she was unaware. As both their actions clashed, his lips formed a smile. He shook hands with her like real a gentleman. She knew it was the last time his tough hands met hers. She made sure to feel every inch of his skin to her access. Unlike the previous time their hands did not part that easily. This time he was the one to break it off simply to embrace her in his arms. He held her firm, she took no time to imitate him. Her hands crumpled the back of his shirt. Both their eyes shut, just to live that moment. In her arms he felt wanted but not in lust. He felt pure.

‘He’s famous, NO!’ She screamed in her head and let her hands down, embracing him no more.

He too released her, because force wasn’t his style. Something did bother her, which had come to his notice but nothing that clear. Parting ways, they moved out.

A thousand thoughts ran through her mind. It had been years she was travelling from her mother’s place back to Mumbai, no journey had ever been this vague, this intimate, this memorable. She knew she wouldn’t ever forget this journey. Amidst the skies she had the moments of her life.

She was home, but home this time felt incomplete. The brightness she felt for a few moments back then was lost, making her life dull again. She since years lived such a dull life, without a single ray of hope to move towards betterment, with that thick glass wall she had built. He cracked it, leaving her in the middle of the desert, neither can she move forward nor can she leave. She felt more clear on her thought before he barged into her life.

While she unpacked her bags, she found her father’s suicide note, the piece of paper she read whenever she missed him. His memories just gushed into her mind like tsunami waves, unstoppable, every time she touched that note. But this time that old piece of paper was accompanied with another little note. A ruled sheet of paper folded well just fell from her bag. It read:

‘Hello Amaira, I guess that’s your name. This I have written to you to seek an apology for I read your father's suicide note, I dint want to, well somewhere I did. But when I saw you so dull after reading it, I felt the need to know. I’m sorry again. I know what it is to lose the most amazing thing of your life, your family. I too have been there in your shoes, though I haven’t been hurt that bad, but loss is something we both have faced. I lost my parents in a car accident, a few years back. I know you might be thinking that why would I bring all this to your notice. I want you to know that we all at some point of time do face hardships, but the path you have taken isn’t the right one. Those who had to leave us have left, now we are to move ahead with what we have. You might’ve heard the very well-known phrase-You only live once- make it the basis of your life. You are beautiful, I’m sure you’ve got some talent, go ahead with it. Embrace your life, there’s more to life than you think. People die with regrets, make sure you don’t. Just chase your dreams and you will find a real reason to live, a reason to be happy. But way before all this, FORGIVE your mother, I know you hold your mother responsible for his death, I’m unaware of the reason though. Try and a take a step, you’ve got your mother, do not lose her. I don’t know much but I’m sure things can be sorted out if you try to. I know it’s too long and with too much of advice per say, I just wrote whatever I felt like. I hope you have a wonderful life ahead. ALL THE BEST.


That note shook her, he could be so understanding? Really? She thought to herself. She felt the need to work on his advice, but the years long bitterness she held for her mother wouldn’t leave that easily.

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