Floating In The Air

Floating In The Air

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A familiar face just whirred past me. A face and connection that I had lost somewhere in the melee of life….. and it stirred quite a lot inside me. One tends to get philosophical and reflective at this height, and I am no exception. In another twenty minutes, I will be back on the ground….

Suddenly, I see that face floating mid-air, in between the trolleys. I shouldn’t have indulged in that drink before stepping in. Alcohol seems to have a different effect in the sky…

The face moves like a flying kite, trying to get closer. I philosophized again. The string which suspends the face, will pull it down again, back on Planet Earth, in our separate compartments, where we may never meet again.

I felt pulled outside, floating on air with that face besides me. I looked down to see my body falling limp in the trolley, and people gathering around it. A voice from the trolley said,

“He is a cardiac patient. Perhaps, he couldn’t handle the changes in air pressure. Take it back. We need a doctor.”

Then, another familiar soft voice, coming from somewhere close, like a whisper …

“I came back to take you…”

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