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It Is Not What It Seems
It Is Not What It Seems

© Shivam Gupta

Drama Inspirational

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Her hair was wet. She can still smell the perfume of her shower gel. She was in her night-dress standing in the middle of the unknown street. She was numb. She was still trying to comprehend the situation. Where was she? No idea? What was she doing? Sorry, but no idea. After a while, when she got in her senses, she realised that she was not supposed to be where she is now. Although, still she was relishing the moment. The street was noiseless. No more beeping of horns. No throng. Only the breeze. The cool breeze was blowing and playing with her hair. She was serene.

The feeling at that time was real, this is what she always wished for. The dogs bark was discernible to her. She could hear every drop of the rain, the thunderstorms. All at once, she heard the screeching of tires. Now there she reacted. From there she started feeling nervous. What if  it would be a sot or a drunkard? She tried to walk on, but her feet seemed glued. She was not willing to leave that place. She wanted to but her heart couldn't help her to escape. Hence, she stayed stunned.

A man in his mid 30 got down from his white Hyundai Verna. He was having brown eyes with average look wearing blue denim and white shirt. He was looking decent, though. It appeared that he too was there enjoying the lovely monsoon. He was standing close to his car having a puff. Only then he noticed the girl standing there getting wet in the rain. He went closer to her. Her eyes met his. Nothing to say anymore. Both of them were looking each other. The girl broke the eye contact first. She gathered courage to talk to him and said - I don't know how I get here. I am just trying to find a way to home. I am really stuck here.

The man - "Please don't be afraid of? I will help you. It is around 1:00 AM and perhaps you have lost your way to home but I am still wondering what you are doing here in your night dress."

The girl felt embarrassed. It is very hard for someone to believe how one can be lost wearing such clothes. Hence, she replied - I...I can't explain you the things, but I am really unknown to the circumstances. I don't know who brought me here. Why I am here dressing like this?

The man said - No problem. Just tell me where do you live? I will drop you there, but.....

But.... Oh Heck, this but, the word frightened her from deep. She deduced the would be circumstances. Nothing can be worse than this. What is milling in his head? Why God is so merciless to me? Her head started cycling all her past thoughts of love, souvenir moments with her parents.... She was recalling.... Recalling and didn't want to stop. Right then! 

The man - Hey! Are you all right?

The girl - Yes! I am good.

The man - So I was saying I have my car parked over there and I can drive you to home only if you don't have any problem. See, the thing is whenever a girl finds herself in this kind of situation. She easily assumes so little of the man's mindset and becomes pessimist. But trust me it is not like the things actually are. Every man is not the same. Eventually, I can't force you. So if you feel good and safe you can ask me for help. I won't deny.

These words were enough to make her feel good at that moment. But still she was not ready to trust him. The trust is the only thing hard to build and easy to break. But following the situation, the only option for her was to believe him and accept his proposal. Obviously, she had to reach home at any cost. She agreed to his proposal. They both got into the car. While their way they both talked about the situation in India about women's safety. Soon she saw her beautiful house from the car window and then she sighed of relief. Both of them step out of the car.

The girl - "I don't know how should I thank you, you were really helpful to me. I am so happy that people like you still exist. Thank you so much. Come home, I would like you to meet my parents. They would be more than happy to meet you."

The man - "Actually, I would love to meet your parents, but I have to catch a flight to Prague for my business trip and it is already too late. I have missed one flight before this one and if I miss this. It may be my last day at job."

The girl -  "Alright, I am not stopping you then. Go and don't miss this one. It was nice meeting you. Be in touch"

The man - "Same here, at the end just want to say don't lose your belief over one kind, the world is full of winners and losers. Take care of yourself."

They both exchanged greetings and left.

A giant thunderstorm woke her up. She rubbed her eyes and discovered that it was dream. She was dreaming? All of what happened from lost to help. It was all a dream. She had never ever been on that lonely street. She neither felt the cool breeze nor the rain drops on her face. It was all okay until she realised that there was no man exist in real whom she met in her dream. She was sad. She left her bed to collect newspaper from the balcony. She picked up the newspaper. Right then her eyes caught the headline of it stated - A 30 YEAR OLD MAN RAPED A 20 YEAR OLD COLLEGE GIRL.

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