From High Of Marijuana To Antidepressants.. Love Has Its Own Ways

From High Of Marijuana To Antidepressants.. Love Has Its Own Ways

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As I was leaving from Kamla Nagar after meeting a client, instead of going towards Gulabi Bagh, completely taken over by a very strong instinct, I turned my vehicle towards Maurice Nagar. After crossing Ramjas traffic signal, parked my car near the rear gate of DRC. On white marble Daulat Ram College is engraved in black on the pink boundary wall adjacent to the DTC bus stand. The place, the ambience, the buzz around the campus, the aroma in the air, young people mingling is so invigorating. When we are in the campus we make memories for lifetime, memories which leave indelible footprints in the sands of time. This campus has pleasant memories for millions, for those who studied here and even for those who did not quite study here and I was no different. It’s been over eight years when I came from Chandigarh for doing PG in Economics from Delhi School of Economics after finishing off my graduation.

I am Samarth Arora, from Model Town Bhatinda Punjab.  I cleared the entrance for DSE after doing my graduation in economics from Punjab university, Chandigarh. To get into Delhi School of Economics is a dream for anybody wanting to study economics but only a few realize their dreams. Probably I was the lucky one. When I came to Delhi to do my masters  my only ambition was to get a job  as an economist in one of  the top  multinationals   but little did I know that my life is going to turn topsy turvy from then point on.

Serendipity as one may call it,  an impromptu debate competition was organized in our college and participants from  colleges in entire north campus  were invited and Surbhi Maheshwari from Daulat Ram  landed up being there. She could make many heads roll and nobody could even think of not having a second look at her. She was around 5’6″, slim lean and fair. She was wearing this white formal shirt and black high waist pencil skirt upto her knees exposing her nicely waxed long legs to our wandering eyes.

To call her an excellent orator would be a gross understatement, she had a very impressive voice and an intellectual bent of mind as well which ensured that she ended up being winner of the contest. We could only marvel at her speech for it was difficult for us to even stand on the rostrum. I never thought that I could get this girl but then love works in different ways isn’t it??

 I mustered up all the courage I could and went up to her “Hi, Surbhi congratulations! I am Samarth from Delhi school of economics”, she turned her face towards me,  opened her mouth slightly  and with a charmed smile said yeahhh Thanks. “I was just lucky to win.”  So you are in DR, I decided to strike a conversation, yeaahh she said and then we discussed about some digital stuff and the glib talker I am, I was able to linger on with the conversation for some time and was able to dig out her email and some personal details. She was doing BSC Micrbiology and was in  2nd year. Surbhi was a Delhite from Punjabi Bagh.

 Year was 2009 and email was the easiest one to get, asking for phone number in the first meeting sounded a bit far fetched in those days and started our email interactions. After some email  conversations I had the courage to ask for her number which she readily gave and then started our long drawn conversations which just didn’t seem to end. Our phone bills sky rocketed in the process and  finally,  one fine day  I decided to ask her out for our first date at Wimpy’s  located at Janpath in CP.

  I was expectantly looking for  her  to turn up outside the wimpy’s  and in came surbhi  tip toing her way right into my heart  wearing  wedged heels sandals, a Pink knitted tank top, with  round neck, a racerback with half sleeves which fitted her beautifully along with black trousers and carried a zara bag. She was also wearing some sleek tops in her ears which were shining brightly from the distance . She looked ravishingly gorgeous with her free flowing hair coming in front of her eyes .

 Wimpy’s in CP  was one of the best places for couples like us. We could order anything of every liking and there was no one standing on our heads telling us to get up. We could talk endlessly without any trouble and besides talking we could hold hands without people sneering at us and at times we got really lucky and were able to secure a secluded place for us where in we can do much more.. and then one fine day I pecked on her cheek and brought my mouth closer to her, her big eyes and inviting lips right in front of me, she never applied lipstick on those lips, I don’t know why... maybe she wanted to make it easy for me to grab her and stick out my tongue to those juicy lips and that was our first lip lock and probably one of the best ones for both of us were totally inexperienced, but considering we were both first timers we ended up doing a pretty good job. Our meetings became more frequent and waiting and standing at the bus stop outside her college became more of a norm for me. Back in the summer of 2009, those were the best days of my life.  

 We visited many places, whether it was malls in south Delhi, Ansal Plaza the longest mall which never seemed to end so were the stares of other men who looked at Surbhi but I couldn’t complain for she was with me whereas all those jerks can only stare and applaud her beauty. I still get goose bumps when I think about those moments when we got into movie halls as our endeavour was to occupy the last row and more often than not we ended up in the last rows and what a fascinating times we had, we waited for lights to switch off so that we can easily cuddle and caress ourselves sitting in those wide chairs till disturbed by the troch light of the usher showing people their seats.

 We were getting more passionate and bolder by the day and were not afraid of our public display of affection, meanwhile my hands were finding it difficult to control themselves and wanted to probe  even further, I always had slight difficulty opening up hooks of her  bra straps. I scowled at her, "What are you wearing it’s not opening!" She gave me a naughty look  and said you are never able to open it and once again she had to do the honours..

 Time was flying thick and fast, probably both of us were on a high dope of Marijuana making some wonderful memories on our way. Then in December 2010 placement season started and companies started pouring into to our campus, all were full of trepidation but I was placed on day zero in Citibank with a package of 25 Lakhs per Annum which was one of the highest that year for India based location. Surbhi was to appear for her final year and she started preparing for her PG exams. Her target was to get into a top university for a course in either Bio technology or microbiology either from IIT or from any of the other renowned international university.

 It was the month of March time for  her farewell. There is something about these farewell and girls which brings out these sarees and backless blouses which barely reach their naval. She apprised me that party will get over by 5.00 and then I can pick her up from college, but I told her I won’t come but how could I let go such a golden opportunity  to see her in that sexy outwit. I left  early and she was astonished to see me land up there. But by then sadly for me  all of them had changed and I couldn’t get my dose of eye tonic. By the way she was chosen as Ms. Dualat Ram on her farewell which was a foregone conclusion.

 As far as her graduation is concerned she topped in her college She also got into IIT and our life was getting better by the day but something started to go seriously wrong as she got into IIT and started making new friends……


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