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Condemnation Of Pulwama Attack
Condemnation Of Pulwama Attack

© Raj Kumar

Classics Crime

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"I am Adil Ahmed. All of you know me as Wakaash after joining Mujahideen. Sir, Abdul Raseef Ghazi has showed me the path of heaven. I am going to finish a precious and holy duty which will lead me to heaven. This video is being made to remember all my colleagues that I have sacrificed my life for the freedom of Kashmir. And while all of you watch this video, I will engage myself with beautiful angels and delicious food of heaven.”

Suddenly, a hard sound echoed in the room, "Adil.” Mr. Ghazi carrying a black poly bag entered in the room and shut the gate.

I kept aside AK47 gun and turned the camera off in a hurry and responded to him, “Yes Sir.”

Mr. Ghazi asked, "How do you feel, Adil?”

I replied with excitement, “Fit to finish my duty.”

Mr. Ghazi pressed my shoulder softly and said, “Good, you are going to achieve a place in heaven.”

I shook my head in affirmation and thanked him for giving me such a great opportunity.

Mr. Ghazi served me the biryani which was in the poly bag and told me, “Take it and sleep on time. Tomorrow is waiting for you. You will be honored as our hero.” After completing his statement, he patted on my back and departed from the room. And I did the same as he told me as an obliged student.

Next day, All settings have already been done. Everything was pre-planned. I offered Namaz and got into a Scorpio loaded with 350 kg explosive, and then I headed to my mission. While driving the van, I got engaged in my day-dream of the angels of heaven.

Girls wearing red dress with open belly are teasing me. I grab one of them and start kissing her cheek by gripping her neck with my right hand and her back head with my left hand. Another girl starts undressing me and kissing my naked body. I get fully aroused. Quickly, I grab two of them and jump into the bed. And…

A sharp and loud horn of buses interrupted my dream. I saw a number of buses were coming from opposite side on the highway in Pulwama district. As soon as I crossed the road and collided with one of the buses carrying CRPF soldiers. My ear heard a loud voice of blast and everything became dark. My mind went into zero.

A strange and sharp stink started breaking into my nose. Even one breath was not possible in such stink. I opened my eye slowly. It was nothing but dark everywhere. I blinked once and saw a large giant walking ahead. He had two horn on his head and at the top of the two horn fire was flaming ; it seemed that the horns were working as two candles which showed him the path. Growling sound kept emitting from his breathing. There was a trident in his large and muscular left hand and a barbed wire in his left hand.

“Hey, why are you dragging me," I exclaimed. He did not respond me and kept me dragging through the muddy land with the help of the barbed wire which was bounded around my both ankles. Small pieces of spiky stones were peeling my back. I was receiving intense and continuous pain.

“You, deaf rascal, answer me who allowed you to drag me like this in heaven. You will have to pay for this,” I yelled.

He stopped walking and stepped back to me. By grabbing my ankle, he lifted me to his vast mouth and released his heavy sound, "My name is Malak al-maut, not deaf rascal. If I hear your voice once again, I will crush your head between my teeth and eat you without salt and spice. You are not in heaven. This is… HELL.”

After finishing his words, he dumped me down and started dragging me brutally. The rocky land was irrigated with blood. The stink was continuously emitting from the land. My back was being peeled again. Now I couldn't spell a word. I was in intense pain but couldn't even cry. And one question kept revolving in my mind.

“How did I arrive Hell instead of Heaven.”

After 3 hr long dilemma of pain and confusion, the giant dragged me to Sin city which was far away from peace and silence. The sun was covered with red cloud. Everything looked red. The sound of flinching pain was echoed everywhere. Whether Someone was being fried in hot oil or someone being cut into pieces or someone being eaten by merciless giants, none of them can do anything but being punished.

The giant dragged me to one empty spot where floor was filled with the mud of blood, stool and urine. Blowflies were wandering here and there. He released my ankle and tied my waist in the pointed pillar with the very barbed wire and asked me, “Are you hungry?”

I shook my head up and down. After getting my response, he brought a large blade, salt and a cauldron attached with a burner which was half filled with boiling oil. And then he grasped my wrist and lanced it with the blade brutally. I yelled and pulled my hand backward. In reaction, he grasped it tightly and poured the salt over the lanced part of my wrist. I felt quite a lot of pain and groaned . The animalism of the giant didn't stop here. Even I did not get relief of the pain, he poured the boiling oil over the wrist. My groaning became louder. He put his palm on my mouth to stop my groaning. Then he gripped my fried wrist and took a bite of my wrist muscle.

“Delicious," the giant murmured with closed eyes and continued saying, “Eat it.”

“What! I won't eat my hand,” I exclaimed glaring into his eyes.

"Listen to me, whether you eat it or I will fry your second hand ,then your leg and then rest of your body.”

“How could I eat my body part!”

"This is Hell. Here, there is no food but sinners' body. All of the punishers and sinners have only this source of food.”

“But, I am not a sinner. I have completed my holy duty to achieve just heaven.”

“You are a sinner. That's why you are here.”

“I haven't done any sin in my life.”

“Every sinner says this. Only the Angels, Munkar and Nakir will show you your sins."

“How would I meet them?”

“Only after completing first day of punishment, you can meet them. Till then I am your punisher. Let's finish lunch first.”

“You will eat… my body part!”

“Yes, And you too. Now, eat your hand or I should proceed further.”

I started eating my fried hand with mixing the stink of the mud. The giant started salivating while glaring at my hand. I had eaten one successful bite of my wrist muscle. My stomach started getting loose and bloating. Now, I felt what the Hell is. As I lifted my hand to take another bite, my stomach flushed out everything it had. When I finished vomiting, I had been given blood instead of water to drink. As I had not another option, I gargled my mouth with the blood but I was unable to drink it.

“So, today's punishment has been finished?” I spoke slowly while coughing.

“Punishment will never finish. You will get break till I take rest. Whenever my rest will be over, your punishment will begin, even it would be night,” the giant answered me.


“I never do joke. I am born only to punish you. Let's proceed.”

“No..No. I need some rest.”

“Here, it is only I who will take rest, not you.”

He released my waist and kicked me with high intensity. I collided with a wall and fell down. Then, he picked me up by grasping my hair. My throat was completely dry. My sound didn't come out clearly. I was unable to yell.

“Please, stop now,” I begged him with my shivering voice.

“Don't forget I am your punisher. I cannot provide you relief,” he jabbled by picking a large needle,

“I can provide you only pain.” And he stabbed the needle into my jaws and started rotating it. I was unable to do anything instead received the pain.

The devilish giant kept hurting my body. Either I was dragged and thrown on the pointed floor or my finger was sliced or snake entered into my mouth to eat my inner organs. For the whole day I was continuously introduced with different types of punishment. I got some relief in the night, while the giant was sleeping. But I was not able to sleep in that sharp stink and muddy floor. I spent the night by sitting on a small angular stone.

In the next morning, I was still sitting on that stone as there was nothing but bloody mud and high wall. My body also started stinking. But my wound was healing faster. While I was busy in observing my body, a loud sound of walking- Dham… Dham… Dham… echoed.

I looked up and found that my punisher was coming with a long and thick petiole. Suddenly, he lifted the petiole and ran towards me. As he was to attack me, a white light exploded over me and soon I was transported somewhere else.

I was surrounded by soldiers pointing their swords at my face. Two of them brought me to my knees and pushed my head to the floor.

“Release him," a loud voice echoed. All the soldiers stepped back and stood in two lines and I was between the lines.

There were two identical tall and massive angels, sitting on a golden throne. One with a heavy hammer as a destroyer and another with a book as an accountant in their hand.

“Are you the Munkar and Nakir?” I asked in a hurry.

“Yes, and you are Adil, the terrorist, the sinner,” Munkar said.

“I am not a sinner. I just obeyed the order of Allah. I had been promised that the more I killed the kaffirs (non-followers of Islam), the more Allah would be pleased with me and I would rest in heaven,” I cleared him.

“Had Allah appeared in front of you and ordered you to kill unaware soldiers and innocent people and promised you for heaven? Allah is father for all the human beings. How could he be pleased for killing his children!” Munkar exclaimed.

“But it was only way to adore Allah and achieve heaven,” I contended.

“It was the way to achieve only hell," Munkar bellowed and by addressing the angel with the book said, “Nakir, show him what he has done?”

The accountant, Nakir stepped to me and opened the book, named Sin History. It consisted several blocks which were further divided into millions of minute pages. Nakir found out my sin's page and touched it. A 3d hologram emitted from the page which was clearly visible above the book.

I heard the sound of screeching of several people and saw several dead bodies which were being processed in last rituals. Many were admitted in ICU. Millions of people were praying for them. And I could clearly hear the billions of curses for me. And suddenly, my father appeared giving statement that Adil had been beaten by Indian force for no reason 2 years earlier.

“This is not true, dad.”

“These are your sins of only one day. You have committed thousands of sins. Like rape, killing, hurting innocent people and many-many more,” Nakir spoke glaring into my eyes.

“You have made your father a liar, a sinner. He will also have to pay for his sins,” Munkar added stepping ahead.

“Oh God, what I have done! I have made myself a sinner. I had been misguided,” I murmured and wiped out tears from my wet eyes.

“All the postulates of terrorist organisation are just to misguide people. Those who follow them will be definitely sinners. And you are one of them. Now you will have to pay for your sins,” Munkar said.

“How should I pay for my sins?” I asked in a low voice.

“You will be in hell till the existence of time. Here, your wound will heal faster so that you will be wounded again and again. No sinner sleeps in hell; you won't sleep even for a second. Even you will never lose your consciousness so that you can feel every bit of pain. Here, You can do nothing but receiving pain,” Nakir explained the laws of hell.

“But, I need sl…," before completing my sentence, the explosion of white light appeared and dragged me to the very sin city. I saw my punisher with a drilling rod in his hand.

The giant punisher gripped my leg and drilled the rod into my thigh bone. I screeched in high pitch. He lifted me up to his face and said in bold sound, “Welcome to… SHELL OF HELL.”

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