Accident ! You Opened My Eyes

Accident ! You Opened My Eyes

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Pihu Malik, a student of Commerce, had always desired to become a chartered accountant. She chose Commerce because of two reasons. First, because it was her desire and more importantly because her love, her boyfriend, Gaurav Kapoor had chosen it as well. She belonged to a well-to-do family. Her dad was a doctor and her brother was studying Computer Engineering in one of the top college of Delhi. Pihu was a fun loving girl. She was sweet and innocent, who never in her dreams would think of becoming the reason for someone’s tears. She could only be the reason for someone's smile. Though she had a large circle of friends, Arpit Chopra was her best friend. 

They had been family friends for a long time. Pihu and Arpit had learnt to walk together, speak together and write together. They had studied in the same school. Their friendship was 16 years strong, despite the fact that Pihu was affluent, while Arpit belonged to a middle-class family where he could not spend money lavishly. Big parties, night out with friends, going on trips were not Arpit Chopra's cup of tea. Gaurav did not like Arpit much, but he had to be civil to Arpit because Arpit was Pihu's best friend. Gaurav was the only son of his parents so he enjoyed the extra freedom his family gave him. Gaurav had money to burn. He lived the high life. Pihu and Gaurav were in a relationship for the past year. Pihu was head over heels in love with Gaurav. However, Pihu was a judicious girl. She would never compromise with her studies. She was a topper in her class. 

Arpit was a medical student, a stream he had selected as his family wanted him to become a doctor. He aspired to become a famous doctor to make his parents proud and to lead a luxurious life in future and give immense happiness and all worldly comforts to his parents. Pihu and Gaurav took up tuitions in all subjects but Arpit could not afford expensive tuitions given his family’s circumstances. Gaurav and Pihu were having a wonderful time. Pihu used to give all her love to Gaurav. On the other hand, however, Gaurav was not giving his hundred percent to the relationship, but Pihu was all right with it. In her heart Pihu knew that Gaurav loved her. 

Pihu's birthday was approaching. Gaurav had arranged a surprise party for Pihu. All the classmates, friends, juniors and seniors were invited to the party. Pihu was kept in the dark about Gaurav's plan. As Pihu and Arpit lived in the same society, Gaurav told Arpit to bring Pihu along with him. At midnight sharp, on the eve of her birthday, Gaurav called Pihu and wished her. Pihu was very happy because she had not expected that Gaurav would remember and would be the first one to wish her. She was on cloud nine. Next morning, Arpit went to Pihu’s home with Pihu's favourite chocolate and pasta which he himself had cooked for his best friend and one he secretly loved. Pihu’s dad opened the door and welcomed him. Arpit went towards Pihu's room. She was getting ready to go shopping. Arpit wished her a happy birthday and gave her the things he had brought. She was grinning like a Cheshire cat when she saw the pasta made by Arpit because she knew that Arpit did not even knew how to light the gas! Pihu ate the whole pasta without sharing a single spoon with him. Arpit was staring at Pihu, but she was like ‘who cares about another when there is pasta in front of one's eyes?’ Pihu thanked Arpit and asked him to join her for shopping but Arpit declined and said that he would join her some other day. The whole day Pihu kept on shopping. She shopped till she dropped. She was happy. At 6 pm Arpit went to Pihu's home again. She showed Arpit all the stuff she had bought. Arpit wondered if she had bought it all for herself or for the whole society. He was smiling secretly seeing the childish behaviour of Pihu and the love he secretly harboured for his childhood friend had made him indulgent. Arpit told Pihu to get ready as he wanted to take her somewhere. Pihu was happy. Pihu took a lot of time to get ready. Arpit was switching channels on the television, biding his time. Finally, Pihu emerged from her room looking like a princess. Sea green, off-shoulder one piece with matching earnings, straight opened hair, high heels with a small pendant in her neck and eyes filled with mascara. Arpit’s eyes opened wide seeing her. He wanted to propose to her there and then but held himself back, painfully aware that his Pihu was already Gaurav's girlfriend. He just complimented her on her beauty and took her to the place where Gaurav had arranged the party. Arpit held Pihu's hand and took her to the middle of the hall. It was completely dark. Arpit told Pihu to stand there and said that he would return in a minute. Arpit went outside the hall and messaged Gaurav to switch on the lights. As the lights came on, Pihu was surprised to see the decorations, all her friends and especially Gaurav. Gaurav hugged Pihu and asked how she liked the surprise. Pihu said she found it amazing and kissed Gaurav's cheeks. Gaurav lifted Pihu in his arms and took her to the place where the cake was waiting. Everyone sang the birthday song. Pihu and Gaurav cut the cake together. Pihu was so lost in Gaurav and his surprise that she totally forgot that she had come there with Arpit. Arpit was hurt that Pihu had changed so much. He felt that she was so blinded by her love for Gaurav that she had forgotten her best friend was there too. Arpit felt sad that she had not even taken the pain to call him up or message him to find out where he had disappeared. 

Arpit had left that place because he neither liked those so called high class parties nor could he afford such expensive gifts like other friends of Pihu. Pihu was happily committed to Gaurav. Seeing your loved one happy gives you immense happiness and yes after seeing Pihu happy Arpit was also happy. Thinking all this Arpit reached his home. On the other hand, Pihu and Gaurav were enjoying a lot. It was a memorable birthday for Pihu. Days passed. Arpit never showed his love towards Pihu. 12th standard board examinations were approaching. This result would determine their careers. Pihu and Gaurav went to the best of tuitions in town whereas Arpit had decided to get good marks by the sweat of his brow. Finally, the exams started and all the papers were going well. After twenty days, the exams ended and it was time for enjoyment. Arpit was preparing for medical entrances after his boards. Pihu got bored at home during the holidays, so one day she decided to go to Gaurav’s home and spend some time with him. As she was crossing the main road, she was hit by a car. When she regained her senses she saw herself in the hospital where her parents had tears in their eyes. Arpit sat alone in a corner. She called Arpit and asked about Gaurav. Arpit said that Gaurav was in an important meeting and had said that he would reach soon. Pihu's eyes filled with tears. Arpit could feel Pihu's pain. Pihu was thinking that all kith and kin were present there, but the person she needed the most was not there. As tears rolled down her eyes, she saw Gaurav. Gaurav said sorry and hugged Pihu. 

The team of doctors came and updated everyone about Pihu's report. The news left everyone aghast. Pihu would never stand on her feet again. Arpit’s whole world turned upside down with this news. Pihu and her family were devastated. At the end of her treatment, Pihu went home. There was complete silence as her family wheeled her chair into her room. After leaving the hospital that day, Gaurav did not call or message Pihu. Whenever she would call him, all her calls would go unanswered. Seeing Pihu sad made Arpit sadder, but he tried to divert Pihu's mind. Yet all his efforts were in vain. It had been ten days since Pihu had returned and there was no sign of Gaurav. Pihu told Arpit that she needed a favour and asked him to take her to Gaurav’s house. Arpit, who could give up his life up for Pihu, could not deny this request. He took Pihu to Gaurav's home. Gaurav was busy watching a movie and he did not notice Arpit and Pihu. Seeing Gaurav so relaxed, Pihu went near him. Gaurav saw her, but without first asking her about her health, he asked her the reason for coming there. Seeing Gaurav so indifferent, Pihu asked him the reason for the same. Gaurav said he could not spend his life with a girl who could not even stand and who would need someone's support all the time. 

“Do you think I am such a fool that I will live with a handicapped girl?” Gaurav said. Pihu could not believe Gaurav’s words. Arpit wanted to slap Gaurav, but he controlled his emotions. Pihu did not utter a word after that and left the place with Arpit. She lay on her bed and shed tears and became quiet thereafter. She started thinking of all the moments she had spent with Gaurav. When their 10th grade pre-board examinations were going on, how Gaurav used to ask fake doubts related to studies just to stay with her. He would just stare at Pihu all the time. He would bring chocolates and flowers which would give immense happiness to Pihu. In every exam Gaurav was the first one to wish her uck. After the exams, Gaurav used to visit Pihu's home and spend quality time with her. One day all the friends decided to hang out because of the boring holidays. Pihu had initially not wanted to go, but she went because Gaurav had told her that if she would not come then he would not go with them either. After a long conversation Pihu finally had to give in. Gaurav came to pick her up. After every few minutes Gaurav would say some words expressing Pihu's beauty and her cheeks would go pink at each compliment. On that same day, Gaurav proposed to Pihu in front of all friends and public. Pihu could not say no as she had begun to love Gaurav too. This was how love had blossomed in their relationship. Thinking all this, tears trickled down her eyes and Pihu felt that her heart would burst. Arpit tried his best to help Pihu move on. Arpit took care of Pihu all the time. Arpit’s love was selfless. Pihu, who was as cheerful as a lark, had become as dumb as a statue. Arpit wanted his old Pihu back and over time he was successful. Pihu was now getting close to Arpit. She had developed a soft corner for him. One day Pihu asked Arpit till when would he take care of her. Arpit replied, “Till the time I exist on this planet.”

 Pihu was extremely happy. She hugged Arpit. She whispered in his ears, “I love you.” Arpit was very happy listening to these words. He told Pihu that he had been waiting for this day from past 13 years. 


After 8 years: 

“Akshara, why are you wearing my coat?” Pihu asked. 

“Mumma, I want to become a big judge just like you and do justice,” Akshara replied. 

“Why did you choose this profession maa?” she asked. 

“Life did not do justice to me and I wanted to do justice to other people. I always wanted to become a successful CA but I am a judge now,” said Pihu with tears in her eyes. 

To lighten the moment, Arpit asked Akshara, “Why do you wish to wear black coat, white suits? You better become a doctor like me.” 

“I want to become like mumma, though she has so much work to do,” Akshara said. 

“God has only taken away her legs but not her other qualities. She became successful because she had the gift of the gab,” Arpit said. All three lived happily by becoming each other’s strength.

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