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My Dream Came True
My Dream Came True

© Kaartika Chitturi

Drama Fantasy

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Everyone has a dream. Something they really want but it’s tough to achieve. I had one too. Every day I wake up to the sun rays shining through the clear water of the pond and stare at the light longingly wishing I could enjoy its warmth. I wanted to escape the depths of the pond and explore the world above. I wanted to see the beautiful blooms and flowers in numerous colours. It’s what I’ve always wanted and it’s about to come true.

That morning I woke up with a strange feeling bubbling up inside me. It was a desire – a very powerful desire to experience something more than just the weeds. I was surrounded by in my little world. I felt the sudden urge to jump out of the pond and face the world outside, but I didn’t know what was waiting for me. Of course I knew it was a beautiful and sunny place, but I was anxious to leave my home of many years. I was happy and satisfied at my little home and once I go out into the garden, nothing will be the same.

Minutes passed as I kept questioning myself. Was I ready for this? Giving myself a small pep talk as I got closer to the surface, I took a deep breath and hoping that I was ready for this. I shut my eyes tightly and poked my leg out of the water and instantly pulled back, frightened. Nothing happened, I thought, exposing my leg out to the sun yet again. I smiled in glee feeling more confident as I pushed myself until finally I was exposed.

The sun rays hit my wet skin, passing warmth through my body. I breathed in the cold air adapting to the change of habitat. Adjusting my eyes to the brightness, I looked around at the beautiful flowers growing in bunches. I walked around getting comfy in my new surroundings, that I adored so much, I wondered why I was afraid to come to such a lovely place as this. Just as I was starting to dry in the sunlight, I felt my skin split on the most vulnerable spot on my back. I froze in my tracks knowing what was coming. I closed my eyes and let my body collapse as something else started to grow from it. This is it, I thought opening my eyes as I saw the skin I shed. Feeling rather vulnerable, I examined my new body and my new features curiously. I was bigger and better. I was finally a dragonfly.

Nervously, I fluttered my wings hovering in the air, slightly wobbling at the alien feeling. I rose higher in the air grinning in triumph. Gliding through the air over the beautiful garden with vibrant flowers, I felt exhilarated. The scent of jasmines and lavenders was relaxing making me forget all my fears. I wander around discovering new and wonderful things about the luscious garden. It was a never ending adventure, which I would’ve never achieved by staying where I was, afraid to try out something new. I had to take risks, and maybe I wouldn’t have survived, but I wouldn’t know until I at least tried. I wouldn’t have experienced this change if I hadn’t come out of my safe bubble, and if you haven’t already you should too. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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