I Was Very Happy

I Was Very Happy

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In just two unplanned meetings, we couldn't judge each other’s feelings but there was a charm in his demeanor which had caught my attention & I eagerly waited for him. Why, l didn't know?

 I had noted down his number & wished to talk, but something was stopping me from taking the initiative. Ishmeet didn't have my number so he couldn't reach me & I had the number but certain inhibitions were not letting to step forward, but I had to take the plunge. After much brooding, an idea struck me. I texted my no. & soon my mobile rang displaying his number...my heart beats raced faster & felt goose bumps all over.


 “Hello...hi Ishi. How are you dear?”...he said

,"Fine & you..." I replied

 "Took long to give a call, seem busy. I was desperately waiting for your call. I shared my no. but you didn't ...you take time...you believes in EMI'S...what you say...” He laughed.

 Was it sarcasm or mocking or just a tease, tough to make out but the words which he addressed was taken in note by me, "dear and desperate"

 "Is he really interested in me?"...this haunted me but was very early to conclude & I was in no mood to hurry...better to wait. But this mind or conscience says but the matter of heart is different...it is not decisive or logical...doesn't know to reason...just knows to beat making you impatient...& basket of expectations....inflating...keeping you on toes...only knows to take chances...the best part of losing your heart is it keeps you happy to the core and adds glow to your persona which is not missed by onlookers....so this is the first step of love...deep crush which crushes your soul emitting fragrance of sweet puppy love.

 “Hmmm...You can say so...b'coz I acted the way but Ishmeet...first time it was intentional, but I missed it in second chance when we met by chance..." I replied softly unlike my persona who is a dominant self, but this leap was taken by heart.

 "Can we meet?” He asked

 "We have already met,” I said mockingly...now it was my chance.

 "We met accidentally, but now I want to meet you...planned one...or can I put it this way...are you coming with me on a date...I feel that sounds better" He said in a calm tone.

 I wished, but I wished to keep him waiting...testing him...we girls love to keep the boys waiting...this wasn't me; this was my false pride to test his eagerness.

 "Ok, I will see" I replied in a cold tone.

 He asked me to join on hangout to chat...I feel my cold response put him off over mobile.

 I never liked chatting on Fb or Hangout, but my eagerness drove me. In late evenings, we talked on hangout...and there were more exchanges...more of leg pulling...kidding...sometimes I felt like a child has emerged in me...enjoying the moments childishly.

 He ran a Dance Institute in Delhi....it was a prominent one...and he was more conversant in Salsa...and I was interested in fine arts & I didn’t want to waste this opportunity which had come to me uninvited & it would be a better way to meet each other to understand…I had not conveyed to Ishmeet, but it was there in the back of my mind, engrossed in his thoughts I don’t know when I slept.

 Ring on the mobile broke my deep slumber, I hurriedly woke up. Aww...It was 10:30 am...


 "Hi, Dear Ishi..." Ishmeet was on the line

 "Hi Ishmeet...hope all is fine....calling so early," I said.

 “Early. It’s not early, Early bird, its 10:30. Are you day dreaming? He said teasingly.

 "Yeah...yeah, but today I have off so I don't care to check time. I was just relaxing. No tension in weekends." I replied coolly, I didn't wish him to know that I was sleeping till this time of the hour so tried to pacify.

 "Are we meeting today?" Ishmeet asked bluntly.

 "Not yet decided, did we discuss yesterday to meet? I don't think so, we did. Let me think over?" I said been sarcastic, testing his patience, I knew it wasn't fair from my part, but we girls are like that. We run after mirage but doubt the real people & I was doing the same thing & was enjoying the thrill.

 "No thinking over, you have thought a lot, just listen you are coming to Barista CP by 4 pm today, no excuses...Bye," said disconnecting the line.

 I was taken aback, how can he ask me so confidently or command me within such a short span of time & be sure that I will be there...

 Many queries emerged abruptly...

 Why was he so adamant to meet me?

 Was he trying to be dominant?

 I had a habit of reasoning and I tried to reconcile our conversations & concluded that Ishmeet was a nice guy and because I was taking lot of time in deciding, he took this way & he didn't wish to lose the opportunity as in working days, it wasn't possible to meet with ease.

 I too wished to meet him & today I was already late in finishing my daily chores. I hurriedly finished my daily chores of cleaning, washing and home decor & today I needed ample time to groom myself to meet my new found friend who was dear to me & I desired to look special today.

 My wardrobe was full of dresses but couldn't make my mind what to wear for the evening...in this quorum of deciding I took more than an hour today...my expertise of taking decision in haste seemed to disappear today...I pinched several times whether I was the same Ishi who is famous for taking hasty decisions...where I had landed today....in the World of Dreams Chasing My Prince of My Dream.

Throughout the day off & on, I was checking my mobile for call or Sms...But no call or Sms till I left my place for Barista Cafe. I didn't take Metro route instead I took a taxi to reach the fixed destination.

 I reached Barista on time but no sign of Ishmeet. I searched hither & thither and then took a seat inside. I felt bit low, was he trying to fool me & many untoward thoughts cropped up but still deep inside there was a feeling that he will come...with the conviction he had said , he won't let me down. Music playing in the background soothed the turmoil inside me...

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder....sending shivers throughout with this unfamiliar touch. I turned my head back...there Ishmeet was standing with a broad smile spread across his face....a tall figure was standing in front of me clad in a T-shirt & Denims.

 "Hi, Ishi. You are looking awesome" He squeezed my hands softly, a touch of him just made me shiver, I was speechless. The way his gaze followed...I was merely dumb, but now I was sure that I can leap forward to bind myself in this beautiful relationship. I was very happy.

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