Amritha Prem

Abstract Thriller


Amritha Prem

Abstract Thriller

A teenage problem

A teenage problem

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"Dhokla, chapati and mushrooms", sighed Meghana opening her rectangular three tier steel lunch box.

"Your mom cooks so well Meg. Why are you complaining?", inquired Parvathi licking the mushroom gravy.

"The dhokla is super delicious, Meg. Tell her I loved it", smiled Kirti, her adviser and best friend since ninth standard.

Meghana's stomach ached little more unable to hear such positive compliments for her mother from her two best friends and not even one soul ready to listen to her so called self-created problems. She munched her lunch in silence waiting for the right chance.

The school bell rang and both her friends got up to attend their French classes.

Mummy, my stomach is paining, Meg cried.

"What happened?", asked Kirti looking shocked.

I think the food didn't suit me. Its paining severely replied Meg.

Drink water Meg, consoled Saru.

By then her other fellow mates gathered up and she was taken to the rest room. She lied down on the white layered bed for few minutes.

"What did you eat for lunch?", asked the nurse.

"Chapathi, mushrooms and dhokla nurse", her friends replied back in a chorus.

"Was it paining before?", she asked looking surprised.

"No nurse", replied Meg.

"When did you get your periods last time?"

"I don't remember, ma'am", Meg replied hitting her head using her hand.

"Nurse, it was on July. I got my date on July eighth. On asking her for a sanitary napkin. She refused to share as she uses a cloth napkin, hence I remember it nurse", came the hot reply from Saru.

"Very good. Cloth napkins are hygenic and also bio-degradable", replied the nurse. She checked her BP levels and told to take some rest and then attend the classes. Her friends sat as well as they didn't have the mood to attend the boring lecture after a heavy lunch.

All smiled except Meg.

Meghana is Amudha and Amirthan's apple pie. Amudha while pursuing her final year home science degree got married to Amirthan, a singer by passion and dubbing artist by profession.

Ammu fell in love with his voice whereas he fell in love with her culinary and garden skills. She had only two conditions for her marriage and he agreed happily without a second thought. The first condition being that they had to be in a joint family throughout and the second one is a 'suspense'.

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