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Sridhar Venkatasubramanian

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The entire 30-odd employees of the Bombay branch of a leading import-export firm were stunned, when the Branch Manager came out of his cabin to congratulate Ravi on his promotion to the post of Deputy Manager. Instead of congratulating Ravi, the employees were looking in disbelief at Vijay, whom they had thought was certain to get that promotion.

Both Ravi and Vijay had been working as Assistant Managers in the firm and were professionally well qualified. But the similarity between them ended here.

Ravi had been working in the firm for the past 10 years . He was a silent worker, ready to do whatever job was assigned to him without asking questions. Colleagues had not heard him utter any words other than “Yes, Sir. Certainly, Sir”, while talking to his superiors. It made them wonder whether he had a mind of his own.

Vijay, on the other hand, had been with the firm for only 5 years. A typical go-getter, he showed enthusiasm not only in his work but also took considerable interest in the matters of other sections too.

Though both Ravi and Vijay were reporting to the Deputy Manager, the mercurial Vijay often used to jump hierarchy and consult with the Branch Manger, who in turn also seemed to have developed a fondness for him.

Then a month back, there was an upheaval in the firm. Vijay by nature was curious and by his understanding of the working of the entire firm, managed to unearth some shady deals being conducted by the Deputy Manager .

He not only informed the Branch Manager about these deals but also took the matter directly to the Head Office in New Delhi. Retribution was swift and the Deputy Manager was dismissed and Vijay was commended.

The post of Deputy Manager therefore fell vacant and both Ravi & Vijay were eligible for the same, as per the firm’s rules.

Every one was certain that Vijay would be promoted. But on that particular morning Vijay could not believe his ears to learn that he had been pipped at the post by Ravi.

After a prolonged silence everybody sheepishly went to Ravi to congratulate him.

In the afternoon, the Branch Manager called Vijay to his cabin.

“I am very sorry Vijay. The fools in Head Office have given Ravi the promotion based on his seniority alone, without considering the merit even though in my confidential report I had strongly recommended you”, he said and showed him a copy of the report.

“It is OK sir. I know you are aware of my abilities. But I cannot work here any more and that too under Ravi. So, I have decided to resign.”

“Don’t be hasty Vijay. I can get you a transfer to Head Office. May be within a year you will get your promotion”

But Vijay was adamant.

“ Okay , Vijay. In that case let me at least recommend you to some of my friends who can get you a good placement”

Vijay thanked him and left.

After Vijay left, the Branch Manger opened the table drawer and brought out and read the original confidential report that he had sent to Head Office , "Mr. Vijay is a good worker , but he is sometime hasty in his decisions. This may prove harmful to our trade. He needs to gain experience for a couple more years in his present assignment. I therefore recommend Mr. Ravi who is considerably more experienced than Mr.Vijay for the post of Deputy manager.”

After reading it, he allowed himself a smug little smile. “ Vijay do you think I can rest easy if you become my deputy and then start poking around in my private dealings. Today I have killed two birds with one stone. With you gone and Ravi ,the yes-man, as my deputy I can relax and continue my operations”

At that very moment Ravi was attending a call on his mobile phone. ”Mr. Ravi, I am the director Mr…….calling from Delhi. While discharging your duties as Deputy Manager you will also meticulously go through all the dealings conducted by the Branch Manager in the past one year and then report directly to me every day. This matter should be kept extremely confidential”

Ravi as usual said , “Yes, Sir. Certainly, Sir”.

-------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------

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