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Nzua And The Kind Frog

Nzua And The Kind Frog

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A boy named NZUA lived in Africa. He had seen the lovely daughter of Lord Sun gliding through the sky. Nzua fell in love with her and hoped that she would agree to marry him. He was so exited that he wrote a love letter to her. But suddenly a thought came in his mind that how would he deliver this letter to her. Then he remembered his friend antelope who ran very fast and jumps very high. He requested the antelope to deliver the message.

The antelope replied "Sorry Nzua. Its true that I run fast and jump very high but Lord Sun's house is very high and I can't reach that height". Then antelope went away. Nzua now went to his friend Arka, the hawk. He requested the hawk to deliver the message.

The hawk replied "Sorry Nzua, I soar very high but I am also unable to reach Lord Sun's house". Nzua felt very sad. Throughout the conversation a frog was listening to all these things. As the hawk went away and asked Nzua if he gave the frog a chance to deliver the message.

Nzua asked him "How will you deliver the message?"

The frog replied " I know the well from where the maid of princess comes to get the water"

Nzua gave the letter to the frog. Next day when maid came to get the water, the frog jumped into the utensil and went to Lord Sun's palace. He then searched for princess throughout the day.

Atlast he found the room of princess and gave her the love letter. Next day the princess went with the frog to Nzua and agreed for the marriage.after that day both of them met regularly. At this Lord Sun got suspicious and one day he ordered his soldier to follow the princess and find out the reason.

On returning back to palace soldier told Lord Sun that princess was in love with a human. Lord sun became angry.

A trick came in his mind. He sent a message to Nzua that if he gave a full sack of gold coins to lord Sun the he would send his daughter to live with him on earth.

The young guy was in a fix. THE frog came to his rescue and asked him to follow him with a shovel. The frog went deep inside the jungle and at a specific place asked Nzua to dig.

At his surprise he found a heap of gold coins and filled a sack and sent it to Lord Sun.

Lord became happy and agreed to send his daughter to earth and got them married.

After the marriage they thanked the frog and lived happily.

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