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I am 34 still trying to get govt job.

The mistakes I did in my life haunted me I sat in a chair and using flashback. I was completed BSc computers. And I wanted to become a software professional and don't want to work for lifetime. Just with in the 5 to 10 years of time to earn for life. Unexpectedly my father wanted to become a govt teacher for that there is only one option that is DSc but I don't have interest to do the course bachelor of education and then to write DSc exams. Time passed away until I had no choice other than the course and DSc. I participated very nominally I completed the course and I have not selected for the job. Years passed away now still I am jobless. But the software professionals who at the time have golden age now they are on the roads and teachers at the time have low salaries now they are getting good salaries. My father's suggestion was great. If I had studied well I would have become teacher and become happy.

I wake up and if I had control over time I would go to the previous years and stop the time and I correct my mistakes and make my father happy and lead a happy life.

So don't neglect your father's advice. We should think he is our well-wisher and accept him. And it is our responsibility to make our father and mother proud.

I request you by this story make your father happy you will see the result god will make your life happier.

Thank you

Father's advice verses your opinion.

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