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Who Is Responsible?
Who Is Responsible?

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Shyam is five years old. He woke up around 7:30 a.m. and got ready to go to school. Then he went and sat on the dining chair for his breakfast. His mother brought him his favorite Paratha with potato curry. He started eating it silently. His father too came and sat beside him to have breakfast. As usual, he took a bite and didn't like it. So, he started fighting with his wife and concluded saying, ‘You don't know anything. You are a waste.’ Shyam looked at his father and continued eating his breakfast.


After few minutes, he sat inside the car as his father dropped him daily to school. On the way, the traffic was huge, and people started overtaking his car. Shyam’s father was late to office, and he was stuck behind the bus from a long time, and so, he overtook the bus and gestured him a middle finger and said, ‘Mother f****r'. Soon he was dropped at his school.


On the same evening, they had invited few family friends for dinner. Shyam’s mother prepared the food quickly and sat on the sofa to watch her daily serial until they came. Shyam also sat beside her to watch. He knew all the characters and the situations as he regularly watched with his mother. Today's episode showed the situation where there was a family dispute, and there were significant fights between the family members. They were scolding each other, kicking and bashing, blaming each other using all kinds of slang and foul languages. Shyam enjoyed the fight as it was not less than an action movie for him.


Soon the family arrived, and everyone sat on the sofa, and the kids ran to Shyam's room to play. After few minutes one of the kid came crying to his parents and complained about Shyam fighting with everyone. Soon his parents and their friends rushed to his room and saw Shyam saying, ‘Abe Saale! Aukaat kya hai tera. You mother f****r.’


Shyam’s mother screamed at him and dragged him near her and scolded him and told him to apologise. He looked her and said, ‘Leave me, what do you know what happened here. Dad was right; you don't know anything. You are just a waste.'


Everybody was shocked. The kids started complaining to Shyam's parents that he kicked them and Shyam said, ‘That is what you deserve' and gestured his middle finger.




P.S: Children learn new things every single day by just watching his/her family members. You don't have to teach them. They grasp things by just observing others. On a daily basis, how much slang or foul languages we use in front of our kids, do we even realise, how it could affect our child? The degrees, professions or the awards are not what creates our behavior; it is our perception towards others. It’s time to change our perception towards raising kids. It’s a great responsibility to groom a child. Because, we are not just raising them, but we are also creating the next generation. So, please think twice before you speak in front of your children.

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