Homily On The Run.

Homily On The Run.

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"One who believes in God, is always blessed and is never left alone, helpless", says Ram Sharan as he oars his boat against the gushing waters of ‘Narmada Maiyaa. "It was about a decade ago when my feet landed into this mystical place; I was in search of a livelihood for myself and my family. The almighty never left me alone. He offered me with truly a satisfactory occupation - serving the pilgrims who have come here in search of him. I am as happy as the mother of a newborn healthy child or a blind child, recently operated, catching the first glimpses of the gifts of nature". "I truly find what I had come here for, a source of livelihood along with universal satisfaction." Ram Sharan’s sparkling eyes are moist enough by now as they manifest joy, peace and satisfaction.

With this begins Ram Sharan’s short homily on his boat, with his hands forcing against the gushing waters and words against the momentary pleasures of worldly materialism.

"What religion you follow or which deity you worship, is immaterial. What matters is the spirited will to reach the almighty, the will to offer a helping hand to the needy, the will to indulge into good practices and righteousness."

"The person who realizes these aspects is a true disciple of the almighty. He is the true servant of the supreme being. That’s why, I often ask pilgrims who come here, to the holy pilgrimage to pray for the emancipation of the entire society rather than performing materialistic rituals in the interest of personal benefits. Because, it is rightly said that sacrifice itself forms the basis of humanity." ’Jay Ho Ram Ji ki!’, he cheers as the boat births along the river bank. What astounds is the level of philosophy Ram Sharan speaks and what is realized is the importance of peace and satisfaction. The silent image oars back across the saffron-red horizon of the setting sun, carving a deep mark of inspiration and enlightenment on the mind.

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