Nature Gives Different Things

Nature Gives Different Things

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It was the rainy season. A Peacock was dancing with his plumes out. His feathers looked very attractive and beautiful. The peacock felt proud of his beautiful feathers.  He was looking at his plumes from different angles and was lost in self-admiration.

Suddenly he saw his friend hawk coming towards him, the peacock said proudly “my feathers are so beautiful that everybody likes to see me dancing”. Even the lion, who is such a ferocious animal, when he sees me dancing, he forgets everything and is spellbound as long as my dance continues. Your feathers are too ugly. How do you bear with such ugly feathers?”

The hawk was greatly surprised to hear his friend talk like this. They had always been together, enjoyed their prey together, but the peacock had never before come out with such criticism. In fact, they had never thought on this line before. The hawk was not only surprised, but terribly shocked also.

The hawk thought for some time and then said, “God has given different things, to different creatures on the earth. Don’t be proud of your plums. Undoubtedly you have beautiful feathers, but did you ever realize that they are of no use. They add only to your beauty. Though my feathers are black, but with the help of my feathers, I can fly very high in the sky. I can also see my prey from the sky can you do that?

The peacock said, “Sorry, I was feeling proud for something that adds only to beauty but is worth nothing. I realize your feathers are very useful. You can fly higher than other birds. Now I have realized that nature has given different things to different creatures.

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