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3)  A Cherry Blossom Heart 
- Ch-3:-A New Family
3) A Cherry Blossom Heart - Ch-3:-A New Family

© Kritika Mathur

Abstract Drama Fantasy

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Moedig survived through and grew to a healthy age of 16 years, when one day the same girl ventured back into the forgotten forest to look for the baby she had left for the dead, that day. 

She was now a fully grown married woman with a kind husband and she was overjoyed to see him alive. She told him she was the one who had left him food when he was a baby and also gave him his unique name. She was so happy, she told him that she wanted to adopt him. 

Moedig felt grateful to the girl and went with her to her home in the city. This was the first time he had seen a proper house. But strangely, Moedig could not adjust to staying in a house and was veryuncomfortable. He was also very attached to the tree and kept missing it. His desire to go back to the same conditions where he grew up became so strong that one day Moedig ran away.                                                             





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