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I tried writing about her a few times but never completed. I failed constantly in comprehending her story and the papers found resting place in the dustbin. Still I experienced her presence everywhere. Her memories haunted me in my dreams. Like a shadow she followed me. I met her for the last time in an old fort built by the Portuguese near the seashore. She was unusually late to arrive on that day.  I turned the pages of a weekly, I bought from the railway station. Finally I thought of making a call to her. She said that she was on the way. In a few minutes' time she came and sat next to me. I found that the distance between us has increased. She seemed to be very serious. Moments became very dry and we ran short of words. I remembered myself talking to her on relativity as in simple terms explained by Einstein. One hour with your lover in a park is just like one minute. Time runs faster in love. As the silence between us thickened she suddenly stood up preparing to go. I just looked into her eyes. She left quickly as nothing happened. I  remained speechless and watched her walk away.

As I was silently sitting there a few students came that way celebrating their day. One of them looked at me and the magazine lying next to me. She made some comment to her friends and they started laughing loudly.  I just plucked a blade of grass and looked at it as a strange object.

There is total silence outside my room. I found myself lost in her thoughts.  I took another blank page and continued writing. We exchanged the first kiss in a quiet place behind a light tower. The quietness of the place and the waves reaching the shore added beauty to our moments. I just kissed her and said softly, "I will give you a kiss later that will last till the end of the world... a long kiss it will be..." We remained there for a long time not saying a thing. Love doesn't need much words, I think.

I felt very sleepy and found it difficult to keep awake and complete the story. It will be unfortunate if I didn't complete it tonight. Still I found it difficult to stay awake. There is a time for everything, I thought. I collected the papers and arranged them. I kept the papers safely in the shelf and turned off lights.

Mind is calm and quiet and still I waited for sleep. I must have remained awake for more than an hour. " I will give you a kiss that will last to the end of the world." She is sleeping quietly on my chest. I just caressed her and kissed on her hair. Indeed her hair has a magical fragrance. Suddenly she got up and looked deep into my eyes. With no one around... we were in our world. I explored her lips and she explored mine. Just as a butterfly exploring nectar from a flower I tasted love of her lips. I didn't want to stop exploring. She too remained quiet. Both of us closed our eyes. With much passion I continued kissing. "I will give a kiss that will last till the end of the world." I experienced a change of taste of the love falling from her lips. Still I didn't stop or open my eyes. Both of us fell asleep after sometime.

I turned off the alarm and gently got up. I felt a bit tired. "Yes, I want to complete the story this morning itself. "I prepared a glass of coffee." This quiet morning will be the best time to complete my story." I opened the shelf and I found my fingers wet... yes, wet and reddish. Blood oozes out from the papers. There is blood everywhere! As I turned the pages I could not find the words I scribbled last night. I found some red brush strokes everywhere...

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