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The Thirst
The Thirst

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“Tim, where is your homework”.

“Teacher, i was unwell”.

“Tim, look at your room, it’s disgusting”.

“Mom ! Leave me alone”.

“Get your homework done now”.

“Dad! I’ll”.........

‘Where are we, Sam? ’.

‘Probably in the midst of The Antarctica’.

‘Why, The Antarctica?’.

‘Because the south end of my compass is pointing downwards’.


‘Antarctica is the South Pole and look there’s a penguin’.


‘You should have read “Penguins of the Antarctica” Penguins are found mostly in the Southern hemisphere i.e The ANTARCTICA ’.

‘How do you know everything?’.

‘No! Not everything Tim’. Come on, lets explore kid.

‘I’ll follow you Sam’.

‘You certainly have to, my son’.

‘Sam, have you been here before?’.

‘No! for the first time’.



‘You’re so lucky that you get a chance to travel places like these. I always wished that I could…..’

‘You are in Antarctica, Tim’, interrupted Sam. I advise you to spend much time in exploring rather talking.

‘Yes, i am in the Antarctica but….’ replied Tim.

‘Why waste time in such nonsense thoughts of yours, come along ..?’

‘Let’s explore’ said Tim exuberantly looking at the vast icy space around him.

‘Yes, my son’, replied Sam. ‘Take care of that rucksack kid, it has some vital things in it’.

Tim nodded ardently.

‘Pull your collars up a bit; the air here is quite dry. You’ll get yourself dried up soon’, said Sam. ‘Use your chapstick’.

‘Chapstick?’, asked Tim.

‘Take mine and don’t ask what it does, just apply it on your lips’.

Tim did what he was told without a clue of its relevance.

‘Here’s what I was looking for’.

‘The salt lake?’, asked Tim.

‘No! The penguins and by the way it’s not a salt lake, it’s just a frozen lake’, replied Sam.

‘Okay, Master’, replied Tim with a grin over his right cheek.

Tim kept the rucksack down, strolled forward a bit and said, ‘So these are penguins…. little penguins, lovely penguins. Sam i want to see them close and I want to compare my height with them, also….’

‘Wait! What? Are you kidding me?’, snapped Sam.

Tim didn’t respond to this short intimidation.

‘Kid, look you can’t play with a penguin if they are in a rookery, is that okay?’

‘Yes, but what is a rookery?’

‘A group’, squeaked Sam.

‘I thought it has to do something with the chess game, rook-ery’, chuckled Tim.

'Seriously?', said Sam with an exhausted look.

‘Kid, we need to look for a place where we can camp for the night. So can you just stop asking me questions for a while, huh?’.

‘Yeah, i can do that’, replied Tim.

They walked along the ocean for couple more hours till dark.Tim was quiet and all famished. And so was Sam.

‘A hamburger with extra cheese will get me back to my vitality’, said Sam while taking his rucksack off his back’.

‘You’ve got burger with you’, asked Tim astonishingly curving his brows.

‘Yes kid. I’ve got your pringles too’, replied Sam.

‘Pringles, you are awesome Sam’.

‘Yeah i know’, said Sam. ‘Pass me your rucksack kid’.

‘Rucksack…the bag… Shit!’

‘Now what kid?’, asked Sam.‘Tim, where is the rucksack?’.

‘I lost it’, answered Tim.

‘Lost it, Where?’, asked Sam. Oh Señor!  Oh Lord! You got to be kidding me. Not again!

Tim recalled the whole journey in his head and said, ‘Where we saw those penguins, the rook-ery thing’.

Sam fell down on his knees and couldn’t say a word.

‘Sam say something, please’, urged Tim. You always have an idea, you know everything.

‘Please!’, requested Tim.

‘I don’t have a bloody idea and you know what we are going to DIE SOON’, fumed Sam.

‘But I’m hungry’, said Tim.

Sam sat quietly.

‘I’m thirsty too’.

‘I need water’.

‘Hey, anyone out here to help us. We have lost our food. I’m thirsty’, yelled Tim.

‘I need water’.



“What the hell is wrong with you Tim? You are going to wake your dad up, just take the water and go back to sleep”, said Tim’s mother.

Tim looked at the glass of water which her mother had just left for him. He grinned and went back in the bed.


The Next day evening—

‘Hola! This is Sam Martínez, direct to your home from OTS live’.  ‘Ocean …….

‘Ocean Travel and Survival, there’s no limit to your exploration’ followed Tim over Sam’s voice.

‘Today, we have with us a beautiful 20 year old girl Claudia Jones all the way from America.  So Claudia, How do you feel coming to our show?’, asked Sam.

‘Thanks, Sam…I’m …I’m really very excited to be with you Sam; It’s like my dream come true and I feel like howling at the moment, but you know i can’t do it in front of camera’ replied Claudia.

‘Come on, don’t be so shy ! I’ll join you’, urged Sam.

1 2 and 3 …. .


‘That was awesome Claud. Do you mind if I call you Claud?’, asked Sam.

‘No! Not at all’.

‘Great!  So…’

‘Actually, my mom calls me that’, interrupted Claudia.

‘Really, that’s good’.

‘Yeah, and dad too’.

Okay Claud. ‘So do you follow our show regularly?’ asked Sam.

‘Yeah, i actually follow your telecast for the week on Youtube live, 24*7’

‘I watch even the repeat telecast of your show on television’, muttered Tim.

‘That’s so nice of you Claud’, replied Sam.

‘So, have you got any idea about where our ‘whirlybird’ is going to take us along?’ asked Sam.

‘No! absolutely no idea Sam’ replied Claudia.

‘Okay,  eso es lo que amo’ mocked Sam.

‘What?’ asked Claudia.

‘That’s what I love’, repeated Tim over Sam’s reply.

Sam and Claudia made a gleeful laugh.

‘Claud, Do you know a little Spanish?’ asked Sam.

‘No, not even a word’, replied Claudia.

‘Okay, so can you just try and follow what I say?’ asked Sam

‘Yep! I’ll definitely try’, replied Claudia.

Okay good. ‘al Océano Ártico’, said Sam.

‘Al…what?’ laughed the girl.

‘Océano Ártico’, repeated Sam.

‘Al Océano Ártico’ said Claudia.

‘Yeah that’s right Claud’.  Now follow my words again. ‘You ready’, asked Sam.

‘Yep!’ answered Claudia flabbergastedly.

‘To the Arctic Ocean’, said Sam.

‘To the Arctic Ocean’ , cheered everyone.

“Fellas, be with us on our YouTube channel for the latest updates of our trip to the arctic with Claudia. Tweet us @TriptoArctic, share us on facebook #triptoarctic and don't forget to subscribe our youtube channel OTS Live. Till then, adiósAu revoir, Goodbye. This is Sam Martínez signing out. Oooohhoooooooo , Come along Let’s Explore”.

Tim, it’s time for bed now, demanded the mother.

‘Indeed it is… To the arctic ocean, Oooooohooooooo’, mimicked Tim.

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