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Ringa Ringa Roses...
Ringa Ringa Roses...

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From the time we are born, we humans try our best to be happy. Be it rich or poor, young or old, our pursuit of happiness never ends. Our life revolves around achieving happiness. It is so occupied with this thought that we end up burning ourselves, chasing this so called elusive phenomenon. 


Is being happy as difficult as it seems? Is happiness, the domain of a few chosen beings? Does being happy depend on your luck ? Or is it something that can be acquired?


Before answering these questions, I would like to say just one thing. Happiness is our birthright. It is as natural as our breath.

Then why do people find it difficult to be happy?

Do we ever stop breathing when we face problems or difficulties? We don't.

Then why don't we stay happy when circumstances change around us. That’s a dumb question, you may say. One experiences sadness when things are bad. Agreed!

But don't we resume to normal breathing once we are cured of a cough or a cold? Likewise, the feeling of happiness should be perpetual in every human being, like breathing fresh air on and on.


It's simple. It's possible. It can be achieved.


You alone are responsible for your own happiness.


If you ask me if there are any shortcuts, I would say YES! There are plenty. You just need to grab one or as many as you can. The universe is full of them. All you have to do is connect with the frequency of happiness and it's yours to keep.


Let me explain. Happiness is an abstract feeling. A state of wellbeing and satisfaction of our mind and heart. This feeling can differ from one person to another. The level of happiness can also vary. Some are happy with more money, some with a bigger home, car, jewelry, clothes, some with good health or looks, some with their family’s wellbeing, some with a promotion or the fulfillment of their own desires. So, there could be millions of things that could make a person happy.


But then, life’s irony also plays its role. Some people have wealth but no health. With some, it's just the opposite. Some have both but lack the warmth of family or friends. All in all, the permutations and combinations are beyond calculations or predictions. It is this maze of uncertain circumstances; it is this matrix that we need to decipher. It's an interesting premise.


A child full of innocence and purity of heart is the true symbol of happiness. If we can imbibe some of these qualities within us, we as adults can be happy too no matter what kind of circumstances surround us.

Ringa Ringa Roses
A pocket full of posies
A-tishoo! A-tishoo!
We all fall down

Yes! We all fall down sometimes. In fact many times. But let our pockets remain full of posies. Let our heart be full of joy and innocent thoughts.


Last evening, we had our uncle and aunt from London, come over for dinner. We all got to talking. All of us who are above 40 years of age along with my little niece who is just about 3 1/2 years old. We were discussing all sorts of subjects from politics to movies and the little one was contributing to the conversation with her antics and sweet chatter. After dinner, it was time for goodbye. We inadvertently stood in a circle. My niece looked at us and said, "Come on! Let's hold hands and sing Ringa Ringa Roses." We all looked at her surprised but did what she said. We sang out loud and moved around in a circle. At the end, we all fell down...laughing and hugging her. Believe me, it was an unforgettable moment for all of us. In that moment we relived our childhood and experienced the joy that an innocent act can bring.


As adults, don’t we all yearn for this kind of joy? This feeling is always within our reach.


Happiness joy

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