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Crime Drama Tragedy

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Kiran , a seven year old cute girl is an all rounder Mumbai girl . She is such a benevolent girl that every society member is fond of Kiran. She is very passionate about aeroplanes and she want to fly and become pilot. Kiran is also pretty good at studies. Kiran has a group of six kids including Nikhil, Savita, Keshav , Reema and Lalita. They all enjoyed a lot. They make fun , mimic of some funny society members. Not a single spot was left by the notorious group to have fun. They all partied together , celebrate each other's birthdays and celebrate all the festivals with full chaos. By the time passed , they all started growing up. As the time passed , they all are now matured grown ups. Now the lie of each of them is changing in many ways be it physical or physiological. Now the relationship among them is also changing . Now there are certain restrictions for the girls and now the girls preferably like to sit together and gossip as much as they can. And the boys play cricket as if they have to play the next world cup. Nikhil and Keshav hardly exchange words with the girls. However Nikhil somehow manage to come to Kiran's house for some homework and for some fun also. They tease each other and make fun of each other . However Nikhil's frequent intrusion in the house is not liked by Kiran's parents. So one day Kiran's mother tried to convince her to stay away from Kiran. Kiran's parents scared of the fact that company of NIkhil may let Kiran to lose focus on studies as Nikhil is very bleak at studies. Initially Kiran was shocked at this decision but later on she also understood the fact and started ignoring Nikhil. One day when Kiran's parents were out for some work then Nikhil entered the Kiran's house on which Kiran started arguing with him.

Although Nikhil came for hanging out but on finding Kiran angry he made excused that he want some notes. Later on board exams were about to start and except Nikhil everyone started working hard. The exams happened and now the students for almost two months till the results are out. All the six reunited and somehow Kiran also managed to convince her mother to be with Nikhil. They all enjoyed a lot for two months. they used to go to restaurants, cinema halls and had fun.Now the results are out and are admission is set to be done. All of them got good marks except Nikhil. So Kiran and Savita got admission in aerospace engineering according to their wish and passion. Now everyone was desperate to know that wher Nikhil will take admission. Astonishingly Nikhil took admission in the same college of Kiran by paying a lot of donation. This was not less than a shock for everyone as he passed class 12th on a very bad note. So it was obviously not the cup of tea of Nikhil. One day in college canteen Kiran asked Nikhil that why he has taken admission in that college even he don't want to study. Then after a pause , he replied ' Its for you. I like you Kiran. I want to marry you " suddenly the coffee cup fall off from the hands of Kiran.She also slapped nikhil very hard and warned him to stay away from her. Then for few months Nikhil did not met Kiran. But again Nikhil started irritating her with some futile acts.He made a tattoo of her name on his wrist and many more. But Kiran never gave heed to his irritating acts and she worked very hard to make her dream come true.Then on last placement fest , Kiran got selected in an international airlines as a cabin crew member. Kiran got a call letter and was invited after seven days to report at the training positively. One day Nikhil came to Kiran's house pleading her to not go abroad and accept his proposal. But Kiran refused him harshly.

Then on next day Nikhil warned Kiran that if she joined then he will do something very disappointing. Kiran took him very lightly and dared him to do anything. Kiran was feeling herself above the top of seventh sky. Ans she organised a grand party in a hotel where everyone except Nikhil was invited. The party happened very well and with full zeal and zest. After the party Kiran along with Savita came to taxi stand and was waiting for taxi. Suddenly a noisy honking bike was seen to be coming from one side . By the time Kiran saw the biker ,she was splashed with some extremely hot liquid . She screamed as never before and lay down on footpath. Savita somehow managed to call ambulance. Later on everyone get to know that this was an acid attack. And the accused was Nikhil. Although Nikhil was punished life imprisonment but what happened with Kiran was very disappointing. But Kiran did not give up her confidence. After her treatment she managed to talk and share all the incident to the higher authorities of the company. They understood and by a mutual consent appreciated the bravery of Kiran. She was called at the training Kiran put forth all her efforts to learn the skills. Now Kiran became a well skillful pilot. After 15 years, now Kiran is known world wide for her courage and enthusiasm. Every intern dreams to be trained by Kiran . So we can draw the inference that nobody can stop you from achieving your dream about which you are passionate. So clearly , acid can burn the face but not your dreams. .

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