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Romance With Stranger

Romance With Stranger

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I reached at Nehru place near underpass around 7:30 pm and started to wait for a cab. A few minutes later, a beautiful girl came near me and she also started to wait for a cab. I understood immediately that she also live nearby me. She looked at me, I also looked at her, but no one spoke anything.

A white swift car stopped near us. She entered and seated beside the door. I followed her and seated beside her. Two more passengers came and now were four in back seat of the cab. Driver started to drive and played a romantic song and luckily it was rainy day. I looked at her again.

She was looking too wonderful and hot in salwar-suit. Her little hair was coming on my face again and again due to the window which was open. I didn't said anything about her hair coming on my face as I was feeling good. My legs were touching her, her thigh was on mine little, and her backs were touching my chest whenever driver was taking break. The rest of two persons were looking at us repeatedly and smiling. 

A few minutes later, she noticed her hair.

'Sorry,' she said smiling and setting her hair at right place.

'It's OK,' I replied and smiled back.

She closed the window when heavy rain started. Car started to run slow due to heavy rain and heavy traffic on the road. Now, I started to feel too romantic due to rain, romantic song playing in the cab, and a Beautiful girl seated beside me. 

She started to watch funny videos just to pass the time. She also moved her phone screen little towards me so that I can also enjoy. 

She did her face so close towards me that I was feeling to kiss her immediately. I did so during watching the traffic through my side window. She could see through window beside her also, but I understood the reason. I was feeling like heaven in the car as our whole one side body were touching each others and now her face was exactly in front of my face. I was feeling smell of her breath, hair and perfume. Those two persons must be thinking that she is my girlfriend. But how could I make them understand that I don't know even her name. She was doing so and looking at me repeatedly. She looked into my eyes also for few seconds and this moment was really too romantic, and the sea of romance entered inside my whole body. I looked at her lips and wanted to kiss her immediately, but I couldn't do so due to other passengers. 

When her husband called then only I came to know that she is married.

Anyway, when we reached at our destination, she smiled once. I also smiled back and told to myself- 'what a wonderful journey it was.'

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